No Eyeballs in Soup I Promise

James gently carried Lady Chamberlain’s unconscious body to the next room and gently laid her down onto the blue settee. He looked around the room for something to cover her body with, but she came to before he found anything. “What happened to me? I didn’t faint did I, Mr. Knight?” She asked. “Sorry to say you did, I guess those smelling salts aren’t all they are cracked up to be.” He said. “Mr. Knight, I hope you will still allow me to assist you with your investigation if you’ll have me?” She inquired. “I don’t see why not, but please no more fainting spells.” He smirked.

Before James could mention the fainting spell incident, he noticed Lady Chamberlain enjoying a spell of the wonder lust he couldn’t help but notice she was taking an aimless stroll around the dinning table. “Lady Chamberlain, what are you doing?” He asked. “I thought since you seem so interested in my observations that I might impress you once more.” She smiled. “I don’t think so.” Iris was already standing across the table. “This time do not lift the lid off of the cauldron!” James pleaded while turning the lamp on. “What did you do that for, Mr. Knight?” She asked. “So I can see what’s in front of me; have you found anything over on your side?” James smirked. “It’s funny you should ask, because I think I have, only I think this body is alive.” Iris whispered. She replied. “What in a room full of dismembered bodies you stumble upon a live one.” James moved briskly across the floor. Before James could reach Iris, a man stumbled up from the table and knocked her off of her feet and down she went to the floor. James being the investigator he jumped over Iris and ran outside while she was stranded leaning on her elbows. It wasn’t until she heard the slamming of the back door she tried pushing herself back onto her feet. “Were you able to catch up with him?” She asked. “Fetch a cab for me, Lady Chamberlain, I’m goin’ after him!” He replied. “Do you think that is such a good idea?” She inquired. “Well if I don’t then I will never know who he is, but this time I am going to cut him off at the pass.” He smirked. “But, Mr. Knight isn’t too dark to go after him now?” She asked. “I may a little off kilter sometimes, but you’re coming with me.” James said, grabbing her hand.

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