No Fail Tips to Planning a Meal for 25, 50, 75 or 100 Guests

Are you stumped trying to figure out how much you are going to need to serve a large group? Here are some tips to serve one each in increments of 25. For larger groups, double for 50, triple for 75 and so on.

There are no special tricks for shopping and cooking for large groups of people, just good planning. Casseroles make for great quick and easy ideas to serve large groups of people along with side dishes and snacks. By just adding a salad to a casserole menu, you have a great meal that will fill everyone up, plus taste great! Some great casserole ideas are the all time favorites such as lasagna, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese with ham cubes. Or try something new, such as tuna noodle casserole, asparagus and ham casserole or a scalloped potato and sausage casserole.

Please remember for larger servings for those big eaters, add accordingly and maybe double if you feel they will eat very large amounts of food and beverage. This table will guide you to properly purchase and prepare enough food and beverage for your gathering.


Tea 25 bags
Coffee 1/2 Pound
Milk 6 Quarts
Soda 25 Cans
Juice 2 46 Ounce Cans

Bread Products:

Rolls 25
French Bread 2-18″ Loaves
Nut Breads 2-Loaf Pans


Cake 2- 9″ Double Layer Cakes
Ice Cream 1 Gallon
Fruit 8 Pounds
Pie 5- 8″or 9″
Canned Fruit 1 #10 Can
Pudding 4 Boxes Instant

Veggie Platter:

Pickles 1 Quart
Carrot sticks 1 Medium Bunch
Celery Sticks 1 Medium Bunch
Green Pepper 2 Large
Cauliflower 1 Head
Broccoli 1 Head


Condensed 1-54 Ounce Can or
8 10.5-11 Ounce Cans

Salad Makings:

Head Lettuce 3 Heads
Spinach 1 Head
Bag Lettuce 3 Bags
Bag Spinach 1 Bag
Radish 3/4 Pound
Cucumbers 2 Medium
Dressing 1-2 Pints


Canned 6 1lb Cans
1 no. 10 Can
Frozen 5-6 Pounds


Mashed 7.5 Pounds
Scalloped 6.5 Pounds
Other 6.5-7.5 Pounds

Meats For Casseroles:

Ground Beef 5 Pounds
Chicken 8 Cups
Ham 4 Pounds

Pasta for Casseroles:

Spaghetti Noodles 2 Pounds
Macaroni 2 Pounds


Catsup 2 Bottles
Coffee Creamer 2 Pints
Jam 1.5-2 Pounds
Potato Chips 2 Pounds
Butter 1/2 Pound

When you are the only cook for the function, plan ahead and prep your casseroles for ease in prep and cook time. For very large functions, separate your buffet line in two for ease and speed of service.
This is a general guide to assist you in planning your shopping trip for a large party. Remember to add extra for those that may be heartier eaters. Enjoy and good luck on your upcoming event.

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