“No Frackers” Are Right

A recent Guest Viewpoint in the Binghamton Press (Binghamton, NY) stating that opponents of Fracking or “No Frackers”, as they were called, drive cars and heat their houses, and thus don’t have a right to point out hr risks of Fracking; is just a re-hash of the irrelevant rants that have been put forward by Gassers as arguments against opponents of Fracking since the day plans for Fracking the Marcellus Shale Play in the Southern Tier of New York State was announced.

Blaming the victim for creating a problem is the sleaziest and dumbest game in the book. Yes, everyone drives cars and heat their houses. But that doesn’t mean that across the broad spectrum of those opposed to Fracking, which includes environmentalists, scientists, energy experts and concerned citizens, there is the cavalier attitude towards fossil fuels which the writer attributes to the “No Frackers”. Virtually all responsible individuals and organizations opposing Fracking also call for immediate, massive production of truly clean alternative energy production, aimed at reducing and eventually eliminating the use of fossil fuel.

If instead of lobbying, advertising, leasing, bribing and paying for favorable research for Fracking, Big Oil & Gas had put the same billions of dollars into clean energy; everyone would be much better served now and in the future. But they don’t, because they already control all the infrastructure to sell fossil fuels; despite its enormous environmental and human cost world-wide. When you have all the fossil fuel; combustion engines are all you want to see!

When clean energy is available on a mass scale; everyone, even Gassers, will use it in their personal lives. Why would any thinking person endanger themselves or their family with contamination and pollution of the water and air; when there are safe, competitive, alternatives readily available? It is greed by the Gassers, not a lack of caring by “No Frackers” that is forcing our dependence on fossil fuels and trying to make their neighbors and other people, in other places, pay the price for the continued use of carbon emitting fuel.

A combination of solar, wind, ocean-hydro, coupled with hydrogen fuel cell technology will make clean, safe, electric power the energy base of the future. Big G & O feels they are late to that party; so they push unreasonably to be allowed to endanger, by contamination, the most key resources needed by all people, clean water and air; not by necessity, but for profit alone.

Major domestic exploitation, as well as in the developing world, has created an increase of natural gas which has driven the price down to the point that almost all the N.G. of the Marcellus is now slated for export to where there is no N.G.; so the prices are higher. Domestic Fracking can become comparably profitable to oil, only if an increased domestic dependence on N.G. can be created, which is part of the petrochemical industry’s plan and the price doubled or more, which is also part of the plan. Claims of U.S. energy independence and/or patriotism are a cynical, transparent, hoax. A hoax being perpetrated by the Gassers in their attempt to convince the American people, New York State residents in particular, to allow pro-Fracking public official, many of whom receive economic contributions from Gassers, to sacrifice the safety, health and quality of life of the people of the Southern Tier; so the Gassers can make huge (albeit immoral) profits.

But the evidence against the wisdom of Fracking has grown to the point that many early skeptics of the anti-Fracking movement have come to see and say that; No Fracking is right!

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