No Pooing: My Experience with Not Using Shampoo

After my son’s extremely sensitive skin and eczema led me to stop using shampoo on my children, I decide to give it a go myself. I have a tricky hair type to handle; many hair stylists are prone to just hack it off as a result, but I’ve always wanted it long. My hair is very fine, almost like baby hair which breaks and splits easily, and naturally curly so prone to dryness and frizz, but because it is so fine, it’s easily weighed down and can become greasy quickly. I’ve experimented with a wide range of shampoos and conditioners, but I’ve never used nothing. The idea behind “no pooing,” as this hair revolution is called, is that by not shampooing the natural oils emitted by your scalp keep your hair perfectly moisturized and make it less prone to breakage without weighing it down. It also uses fewer chemicals, saves bottles, and money. All of the above fit my lifestyle and hair type well. For others curious about no shampoo, here is how my experience went.

The first few weeks:

Initially my hair was greasier than normal, but for a few hours before the greasy took over, it was beautiful. It had far more body, volume and shine, and even less frizz surprisingly. Sadly, it became greasy and weighed down within a few hours. As time passed, it started taking longer and longer for the grease to build up. I do use conditioner, because curly hair is prone to tangling.

3-4 weeks:

After about three weeks my hair was back to it’s usually every other day showering requirement as far as grease. A new problem had arisen, however, dandruff. While I live in Alaska where the cold, dry winters often cause dandruff, I personally have never had an issue with it. Now it seemed as if my entire scalp was shedding. It was a sea of white flakes. I considered my scalp may really be shedding as it adjusted to the new “environment” not stripping the natural oils with shampoo created.

5-6 weeks:

I was glad I waited it out. By the sixth week the dandruff was mostly gone, and my hair looked better than ever. I was even noticing improved length, likely not as a result of increased growth, but less breakage at the ends.

7 weeks and beyond:

After the six week mark I’m convinced that I don’t need shampoo. I sought out a strengthening, all-natural conditioner and use it sparingly. I have occasionally seen re-occurrences of slight dandruff when the weather gets especially cold. This wasn’t something I used to deal with, but I feel it’s a fair trade for the improved shine, strength and body. I also have a more uniformed curl now, whereas before my hair was straight in areas, and curly in others. I would recommend others give no shampoo a try, though I could see how it would not work for everyone.

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