No-Sew Neck Roll Pillow

There are a lot of arguments for why you should make your own neck roll pillow, rather than buy one. The obvious is that it’s cheaper to use cloth you might already have at home, than it is to go out and buy new fabric. And, if you never leave home to get that material, you save time and gas money. Plus, when you make something yourself, you get to have it exactly the way you want it, rather than settle for what you find at home. You’ll find yet another reason to make your own neck roll pillow if you happen to have an old pair of jeans you no longer wear. You’ll get to make something useful out of them while creating a pillow that will help you relax. I’ve made many of these pillows, for my family and others, and I guarantee you’ll love them.

Don’t go running for the sewing machine. You won’t even need it. Just get a pair of jeans and you’ll be finished making the pillow in no time. Keep in mind, while choosing a pair of jeans, that you’ll need a pair with legs as wide as you want the pillow to be. Lay the jeans out flat on a table and cut straight across one leg, just below the crotch, so that you remove one leg from the pants. Decide how big you want the pillow to be, and measure from the cut end, down, to make the length you want.

Choose a look for your new pillow. You can launder the pant leg section several times to fray it, or you could just sew lace around the cut edges. Another option is to simply hem the ends.

There are lots of things you could stuff inside the tube of fabric to make the pillow. Fill it with chipped foam, cotton, or even plastic grocery bags. As you stuff it leave several inches empty at each end. Cut a length of ribbon for each end of the pillow. Tie a ribbon around one end, push the stuffing down to fill it well, and check to see if you need a little more stuffing before tying the second end shut.

You don’t absolutely have to use denim to make the pillow. Most any type of pants can be cut and turned into a comfy neck roll pillow. Make full-size pillows for your bed or craft smaller versions to use for travel. Personalize the pillow by writing on it with a marker or fabric paint, or add other accents, like appliques. It literally only takes a few minutes to cut, stuff, and tie the pillow, and after that, you’re on your way to welcomed relaxation.

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