Non-Traditional Fundraising Ideas

Successful fundraising is a crucial part of maintaining a thriving organization. For many students and youth, fundraising provides the backbone for their various financially testing ventures such as youth camps, mission trips and other club “sponsored” events. However, while the traditional car wash on a Saturday afternoon usually will bring in a decent amount of funds, many groups are looking for new and creative ways to raise money for their cause. Check out this list of non-traditional fundraising ideas to increase your donations this year.

1) Organize a raffle: Many restaurants and other businesses will willingly donate gift cards to your cause if you agree to promote their business as well. Call up local food chains and present your fundraising needs and offer to showcase their logo on any of your fliers promoting the raffle drawing. Since many organizations will require you to call their corporate offices before any such donations can be made, plan ahead in your schedule to allow time for this. Once you have gathered enough prizes to create a substantial gift basket, sell tickets (usually about $5) for a final drawing. Since all of the prizes in the basket will have been donated, your start up cost will only be to cover the tickets and any fliers printed.

2) Toss a pie-in-the-face: A great way to encourage fellow peers of your group to donate towards you cause, organize a pie-in-the-face fundraising marathon. Set up jars with photos of various members of your team and make a poster saying that whoever’s jar has the most money in it after a set period of time will receive a pie in the face. Be sure to leave a team member in charge of watching over the money jars at all times. While this fundraiser might not bring in the “big bucks,” it definitely will serve as a great way to raise awareness about your organization among your fellow friends.

3) “Sell” toilet paper: Great for getting a good laugh (and a few dollars), selling toilet paper door-to-door style can really be a wonderful way to raise money. Simply split up your team into several groups (don’t send more than four people to one doorway or the owners of the home may feel overwhelmed) and arm them with several rolls of toilet paper. Have them inform anyone who answers the doorbell that they are raising money for such-in-such cause and are offering toilet paper rolls for any donation price. Be sure to include a letter from a superior too, in case anyone wants verification of the authenticity of your request. More people will probably donate toward your cause than will actually take the rolls of toilet paper.

As you work toward meeting your fundraising goals, always be sure to seek individual and corporate sponsorship in addition to these fundraising ideas. Grant money can often be the best solution to fundraising needs.

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