Nostalgia-Outdated Items, Slag and Names that Seem Dated Today

When I spend a lot of time with someone older or younger than I am, I realize how fast times change. How we talk, what we remember, use or even name our children often shouts the generation we grew up in.

My list could be a lot longer, I welcome you to add to it. I have listed some things that came quickly to mind as I made notes-sometimes with a comment. See what you remember and ask yourself if it tells your age!

Things we rarely see or use today:

Hand operated food mixers

Clothes hanging on a clothes line

CB radios

Phones with receivers attached-or phones with cords attached to hand held unit

Dot matrix printers

Wood stoves used for cooking

Knees socks-except knee high hose

Women wear dressy hats

Manual or electric typewriters

8 track tapes

NEW black and white TV’s


Portable electric radios (except on alarm clocks)

Fountain pens with ink cartridges

Push mowers

Clip on earrings

Pogs (the little milk-lid cardboard collectables)

NEW single wide mobile homes

Paper dolls

Match books with advertisements in a bowl by the cash register

Paper tax returns coming in the mail

Mercury thermometers or alcohol thermometers

Cigarette machines or advertisements (or any tobacco products)

Encyclopedias in bound book form

NEW comic books

Ric-rac used to decorate clothing, linens, crafts etc.

Soap Operas on TV-still around but loosing ground

Games shows on TV-still around but loosing ground

New cameras that use film (except disposables)

TV’s or computer that aren’t truly “flat”(not just the screen-the whole thing)

Gas stations with attendants

Restaurants that take personal checks

Shoe or watch repair shops

Snack bars in drug stores


Lace on women’s outer wear

Drapery/curtains with metal hooks on top

Lounge chairs made with woven, wide plastic ribbon

Ice trays


Mimeograph machines

Carbon paper

Milk trucks/milk delivery

Floppy disks

Old record players still in use-new records and record players with c/d and cassette decks

Are making a comeback

Polaroid cameras

Parachute pants

Traditional Zoos

Bib overalls

Skating rinks

Traditional girl and boy scout uniforms-especially worn to school

Polyester or wool suits

Outdated slang-

60’s &70’s– groovy, cool, far-out. Bread (money),out of sight, hip. bookin'(leaving) a gas (funny), bummed out (frustrated, in a bad mood), cat (a man), chick (a woman), crash (go to sleep or stay somewhere a night or more), pad(house or apartment), freak out (scared, excited), haul ass (to leave)

30’s to 50’s– cat, dame, gal, spiffy, yarn (a story or tale), grub (food), gourd (head), to bum something(borrow without intent to repay),square (old fashioned) wise guy (smart-elic), broad (woman), kisser (mouth), old geezer(older man),jalopy (old car)

Names from the past– (when we see these names for babies today, the child is usually named after an older relative)

Boys-Abraham, George, Henry, Herbert, Herman, Raymond Archibald, Hugh, Theodore, Edgar, Robert/Bobby, Warren, Emmett, Arthur, Gerald, Harold

Girls-Helen, Louise, Bessie, Betty, Clara. Ruby, Elaine, Susan, Virginia, Margaret, Cora, Jane, Evelyn, Estelle, Harriet, Opal, Elsie

Ok, enough is enough, I bet you have though of a hundred more! Comment to my article and tell me what they are! Time sure flies, doesn’t it?  

































































































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