Nov. 1: National Cook for Your Pets Day, National Vinegar Day, All Saints Day, Ebony Magazine Anniversary

National Cook for Your Pets Day

You may cook for yourself or your family on most nights, but what about your pets? National Cook for Your Pets Day focuses on pet nutrition and encourages pet parents to cook nutritious meals for their pets. The originators of the holiday provide these tips for celebrating:

* Check with your vet before cooking for your pet

* Don’t waste seasonings in your pet’s meals, they don’t need them.

* Avoid using avocados, milk-based foods, garlic, chocolate, onions, salt and yeast dough. See a more complete list here.

* The Poop Pantry offers free recipes for meals for dogs including lamb, veggie vittles and frozen fruity yogurt treats.

National Vinegar Day

What does vinegar have in common with cheese, yogurt, pickles and chocolate? All of these foods use “some type of bacteria in their production” according to the Vinegar Institute. Vinegar can be made from the juices of apples or grapes, barley malt or dilute distilled alcohol. It’s used to make salad dressings and pickles and is a popular choice for natural cleaning methods.

* Make flavored vinegar for yourself or to give as a gift. Choose from fruited, herbed or tarragon vinegar.

* Clean the interior of a glass coffee pot with a mix of white vinegar and table salt. Mix together and rub gently on the inside. Rinse and admire the wonders of vinegar.

All Saints Day

Also called All Hallows or the Roman Catholic Day of Obligation, All Saints Day is the Christian holiday to honor the dead. Festivals honoring the dead were celebrated by European clans on All Hallows Eve (Halloween). In A.D. 835 Pope Gregory IV set All Saints Day on Nov. 1, a day to commemorate the blessed, or “martyrs” according to American Catholic without their own feast days.

Ebony Magazine Anniversary

“Failure is a word I don’t accept” was the quote John H. Johnson provided to TheHistoryMakers as his quite. The entrepreneur lived by that motto as his publication, “Ebony,” launched on Nov. 1, 1945, “has remained the number-one African American magazine in the world every year since its founding.” The magazine has featured First Lady Michelle Obama, Tyra Banks, and Michael Jackson on its covers.

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