Obama’s Apology is Directed to the Wrong People

In an outbreak of violence following the destruction of several copies of the Quran at a US military base in Bagram, two US soldiers and at least 12 protesters have been killed. The copies in question had been given to prisoners during their stay and were burnt as a security risk when they were found to contain notes left by the prisoners. As a response to the violence spreading across Afghanistan, President Obama has sent a letter of apology to Afghan President Hamid Karzai stating his “deep regret” over the burnt copies of the Quran.

What has yet to be addressed though is this: what about the families of those killed by these thoughtlessly violent acts? Bibles and US flags are regularly burnt by these people. Do we kill people over it? Nope. For the most part, here in America we get a little disgusted and go on with life. Asking for reasonable behavior from the Afghan people is known by most to be an exercise in futility. The least we could do is at least expect our president to represent our national values, but apparently even that is asking too much. If Hamid Karzai and the people of Afghanistan can be outraged by the burning of a couple of books, then how much more so should Obama, who is to be a representative of the US, show even greater outrage that the actions taken by the people of Afghanistan have resulted in the snuffing out of at least 14 lives including those of two of our own soldiers?

As an American, I loathe to see my flag burnt, but when it happens I don’t riot and kill. As a Christian when I see a Bible burnt, I am greatly saddened but I don’t fly into a rage and kill the people doing it. Why are we ignoring the fact that these people have allowed enemies of the US to hide amongst them? Why are we bothering to listen to their demands when they have aided those who’ve mercilessly killed even their own when it suited them? Why are we apologizing for anything?

The answer to these questions is twofold. On one side, we have always tried to be the moral leader in international circles. For example, we agreed to and make great attempts to fight our wars humanely following the standards set by the Geneva convention.

On the other hand, we also have a president who has repeatedly bowed to the demands of Middle Eastern countries, going so far as to bow before the king of Saudi Arabia, an act which has long been known to signify submission.

This president has even turned his eyes inward on his own country, refocusing the intelligence portion of the government towards the very citizens that sustain it. In fact, when a law allowing the government to be taken into custody without due process and held interminably without a given reason, Obama’s reason for not signing it was that it did not have anything in it protecting specifically Muslim families from such treatment. So basically, if you’re not a Muslim, you apparently won’t be missed.

Sadly, this message is only being repeated by Obama in his administration’s actions concerning these two slain soldiers. To the families of the soldiers: my prayers go out to you. Your children ARE remembered, and we thank them and you for your sacrifices.

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