Occupiers Are Disobedient Children

Can someone explain to me Occupy Wall Street? I know, I can hear you groaning as you read this but truly, what is it all about? I am trying to understand how camping out and having conflict with police truly depicts an argument that has substance and logical thinking. Really, what are they trying to accomplish?

I understand that it has to do with the 1% of those who are on Wall Street, but going after those who are trying to get to their job on Wall Street makes me ask, “how are they the 1%, they look a lot like you and me trying to make a living.” The 1% would hardly be walking to their job, they land on rooftops and go down the staircase to their posh offices. Aren’t those walking in the streets just like you and me, going to work and providing a living for their family when jobs are, well, hard to find? Could they be just trying to live out the American dream by somehow becoming the next 1%? Really, what are the Occupiers trying to say?

Watching them protest around the country does not give me a clearer picture. I know, you are going to tell me the media has them all wrong the they are truly thinking about you and me and that their cause is all American, really?

So, instead of showing me that another protest of Occupiers clashed with police, show me who the Occupiers are and what they think can be done to make America better. What are they doing to improve the status and situation in our country. How are they making things better? Cause from where I sit I see that they may have a case, they may be right but how can I see who they are when all I know is that they clash with police, leave a mess in our public parks, make cities spend money they do not have on police overtime and seem to be totally disobedient. C’mon, tell us what you truly want, I may just join you.

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