Our Dog Daisy: How I Saved an Abused Dog

I remember going to the Animal Shelter a couple of years ago on a Saturday. We walked around and looked at so many dogs. It was probably at least our 10th visit over a period of months to this shelter, not counting numerous other ones. That day we took a couple of dogs out in the play yard to interact with them. Nothing truly clicked. The next day I looked at my wife and said let’s go back and look once more as there were a couple other dogs we didn’t have time to interact with yesterday. Suzie said ok, she had visions of a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, or a Shih-tzu sitting in her lap.

We drove the 15 miles back that day talking and laughing. When we got to the shelter we walked down the hall which led to the kennels. We saw some old friends which were much too large for our small yard. We wanted to see a couple of specific dogs we had not interacted with the prior day. However, after passing about four kennel cages I looked down a saw a small dog that wasn’t there yesterday. Suzie, who is usually behind me was in front of me on her way to see some dogs she had in mind. I called to come back. I wanted her to see this very cute small dog.

I looked at her closely while I waited for Suzie. The little dog had long ears like a Cavalier, She had the white and brown markings. She also had the furry little paws. However, she had a mane like a lion. I have to say she was really cute. We asked the volunteer if she could get us some information on the dog. She said she would but suggested we take the dog outside to the play yard while she went to the office and got the details.

When we got to the play yard this cute little dog didn’t want to leave our side. She didn’t chase balls, she didn’t bark, she just wanted us to pet her. I looked at Suzie and saw a giant smile on her face. The volunteer arrived and gave us the information.

This cute little dog was brought in by a local vet. Someone had brought it to his office after seeing the dog being thrown out the window of a moving car. The dog was hurt. She had to have stitches on the top of her head and a tooth pulled. She was so cute, and was about two years old from their estimates. We wanted her. So we went in and paid and were told we could pick her up late the next day because she needed to be spayed.

We brought her home the next day and made an appointment at our veterinarian immediately for her to have a physical. During the physical we were told that she needed to have a couple of more teeth pulled, because of the mistreatment, they were cracked. So again we waited a couple of weeks for her to recover from being spayed and took her in to have the teeth pulled and the rest of them cleaned. We picked her up later that day. In discussion with the veterinarian we found out she was probably half Cavalier and half Pekinese which is why she had the lions mane.

We call her Daisy. By far she is the sweetest dog either of us has ever owned. She is a little quirky at times walking around looking at the ceiling. She loves to go for walks, rides in the car and loves riding in our golf cart. We tried for over a year to find a dog food she truly liked. But we finally found one. She loves sitting with us and watching TV as we pet her. She is so good with our grandchildren. She loves them and they love her. She likes sleeping under our bed instead of on it. She likes to sleep late and can be very stubborn about getting up.

It took about a year before she truly trusted us fully. She must have really been mistreated before being thrown from the car. We even took her to a pet psychic to see if we could figure her out. But things grew between us all and we are one happy family with an incredible dog. Her love for us is very heart felt as is our love for her. So with all we spent on having her teeth fixed and things like that we could have bought a AKC puppy. But we wouldn’t have our Daisy, a very special part of our lives.

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