Our Justice System Contradicts Our Constitutional Rights

We have all been in a courtroom at one point or another in our lives, rather it was just for a traffic ticket, or a criminal offense. They say you are innocent until proven guilty, but instead of proving your guilt, the prosecutors “throw you a deal,” to get you to say your guilty so they don’t have the burden of proof on their plate. If you are innocent until “proven” guilty, why doesn’t the state prove it? They, scare you into pleading, by telling you that they can and will give you the maximum sentence, if they have to do their job. A lot of our constitutional rights are in danger. They say we have freedom of speech, but tell an officer of the court how feel about the situation or what you think about them, and see how quick they charge you for disrespecting them. I’m sorry but the constitution does not state that we have limited freedom of speech or you must word something in a certain way. Now days you are charged with simple assault just for the way you speak. It also states that we have freedom of expression, but make a gesture in front of a peace officer and once again you go to jail.

Once in jail, you have no rights. The Warden, the Sheriff, and even the deputies can do whatever they want, to whoever they want and they have everyone terrified to speak up. They treat you as if you are low down and dirty, just because you are a single mother or father or just someone who is trying to get back and forth to work, to make money and you have no one to drive you and your license are suspended and you get caught driving. Then they want to take all the money you do make. The government wants our money and our freedom. Did you know that in the state of Mississippi a possession of marijuana carries no jail time, however they can give you six (6) months in jail for a disorderly conduct? They want you to go to jail because they get money to not take care of you.

They think that just because you get three (3) hots and a cot, that they are taking care of you. What about medical problems that you have while incarcerated. I know someone who was diagnosed with Basil Cell Carcinoma, a common cancer. The jailers took him to the hospital, where they cut the cancer out and sent him back to the jail. They didn’t clean or care for his wound until one (1) week later when I called up there and raised 7 different kinds of hell. Everyone has a right to proper medical treatment and they can’t even give the inmates that. Where did the true constitution go and what can we the people, Citizens of The United States of America, do to ensure that our rights are being upheld?

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