Outstanding Local Independent Movie Theater in Bellows Falls, Vermont

The Bellows Falls Opera House, in Bellows Falls, Vermont, is a well known building in the community. Concerts are held there, plays are shown, and town organizations use it for meeting. It’s also an amazing movie theater. It has several interesting quirks that distinguish it from chain theaters.

First, it has the largest screen of any movie theater in Vermont – a fact its employees are quite proud of. The building also recently upgraded its electronics and has a state of the art digital surround sound system to really bring the experience alive.

Second, the prices are lower than any theater in the region. Tickets are just five dollars for weekend shows. Part of the year the theater has special prices for the less-frequented Tuesday show, just three bucks a seat. In a day when many theaters are charging ten dollars or more it’s wonderful to be able have a family movie night for half that cost.

We all know that movie theater food can be very expensive. This is the third place where the Bellows Falls Opera House really shines. For another five dollars a customer can buy a combo package of a drink, a bag of popcorn, and a candy item. Many theaters charge that much just for the drink, but not here. For a combined cost of about ten dollars a person can get their ticket, drink, and two snacks.

Every seat has a cup holder and the seats are wide enough to make most patrons comfortable. There is also enough space between rows that it’s less of a chore to walk to your seat than in many other theaters.

The movie schedule changes weekly. Films usually arrive either on the opening week of major release or within two weeks of that time. While this sometimes means missing seeing a film on opening weekend, the experience and prices are worth the wait.

With its low pricing, great combo deals, great sound system, huge screen and comfortable viewing experience, The Bellows Falls Opera House is a local theater add to your “must see” list.

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