Pan Am 103 Poem

Pan Am 103

I’ll remember that cold December night,
I’ll remember the tears that were cried.
I remember the news stories from JFk
Seeing a woman laying on the ground
“My baby, My Baby!” she cried. 5

I’ll remember that day,
That terrible day.
I’ll remember it for as long as I live

I came home from school, turned on the TV,
The news said there had been a crash. 10
A plane went down in Scotland.
Flight 103 Bound for New York.
I remember the local news coming on that day,
The anchorman came on too say,
That some of the passengers 15
Came from Syracuse.

I remember the stunned silence that night,
When no one knew what to say.
Somehow the terror came home.
I didn’t know those people, 20
I never talked to one of them.
But my mother worked at the library.
I never knew if she had met them.
Maybe she did,
Maybe she didn’t. 25
Somehow, I’ll never know.
But I felt the lose all the same.

I remember the news,
That there had been an arrest.
I remember them putting him on trial 30.
Some how he was supposed to do life,
But his release cut like a knife.
Fourteen days in jail,
for each victim of the bombing.
Where is the justice in that? 35

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