Paper Napkin Throw Pillows

So, you’re having yet another social occasion in your home, be it birthday party, holiday, or dinner with friends, and you spot someone yawning. Maybe that person isn’t getting sleepy but is just bored with your home accents! Most of us have many of the same people coming over several times in a year and, often, they see the same old thing. Sure, you might hang up some streamers and balloons, and purchase a disposable table cloth for each celebration, but the surroundings, basically, are the same as they always are. Eventually we get new drapes, or new rugs, but most of us can’t afford to make those kinds of changes often. But what if you could? Take something like your sofa throw pillows. Wouldn’t it be nice if, every time you invited people over, they could look different? Anyone can afford to make paper napkin pillows and, since the pillow cover itself is disposable, you can feel free to change the look anytime.

Quality napkins are the best choice when it comes to making disposable pillows. The pillow form inside each one can be used over and over, and the napkin pillow cover can be simply ripped off, and thrown away, whenever you want a new look. It will take two napkins for each pillow.

Purchase a square pillow form that’s smaller than an opened napkin. Open a napkin all the way and place the right side of it down on a table. Open another napkin and stack it on the first one. Position them so that their wrong sides are facing each other.

Some people don’t realize that it’s possible to sew paper. For the napkin pillow, put light pressure on the foot, and use a lightweight needle and thread. Sew around three sides of the napkins.

Slide the pillow form into the napkin arrangement. Sew the open side closed and the pillow is finished. Or, use glue to close the pillow – or even to make the entire pillow. The stitching, though, gives a nice element to the napkin pillows.

You’ll be surprised at how well the disposable napkin pillows hold up over time. But since they’re so cheap and easy to make, you don’t necessarily have to keep them for weeks on end. Any time you want, just rip the old napkins off and quickly sew or glue a new pillow cover. Now you can give the place a new look for every holiday, each celebration, and every time friends come over.

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