Patient Pet

Patient pet, I’m her patient pet.
She feeds me, she loves me, takes me to the vet.
Been waiting all day, and she’s not home yet.
I’m her patient pet.

I wake her in the morning with a kiss on her forehead.
I’ve slept all night beside her, on her pillow, in her bed.
She kisses me and pats me, says, “Mommy’s going to work.”
Oh how I wish she would just stay here, hold me all day, and shirk.

All through the day, I’m patient, and quietly I wait.
I hope she comes home on time tonight. I hope that she’s not late.
At last I hear the turning of her key in the front door.
She is everything that I’ve been waiting for.

She says, “I’ve thought about you all day.”
She knows I feel the same.
She gets out the ball for fetch,
And we play my favorite game.

I love it when we eat ice cream in front of the TV.
I am her prince, and she is a princess to me.

One day, she went to the hospital early in the morn.
When she didn’t come home that evening, I felt so lonely and forlorn.
When she finally got home, I grabbed and held on tight.
I didn’t let her go again, through the day or through the night.

I love her and I need her, and I know that she needs me.
I am the softest part of her life that can ever be.
You see, I’m the last thing that she got from her dad.
So I spend every single day making her feel glad

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