Pedophiles Trying to Be Minor-Attracted Persons

On August 17, a conference was held by pedophiles in Baltimore, Maryland. One of the purposes of the conference was to seek a more sensitive categorization of pedophilia and to hopefully change the mindset for everyone that pedophilia is a regular sexual orientation that is as hard to understand as the attraction adults have to each other.

They call themselves “Minor-Attracted Persons” as if political correctness is warranted for pedophiles and we have a duty to speak of them with the same sensitivity that we would use for others. We stopped using the term “retarded” a long time ago and replaced it with “mentally challenged.” “Crazy” has become “mentally ill.” “Handicapped” is “handicapable” or “physically challenged.”

So, pedophiles want a more sensitive name. Excuse me for pointing out the obvious, but “pedophile” is the politically correct term. I can think of some offensive terms and “pedophile” isn’t one of them. Pedophilia is the clinical term that combines the two terms “paidos” and “philia.”

“Paidos” refers to Children as in pediatrics, the medical care of children. “Philia” refers to Love as in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. Put the two together and you have “love of children.” It’s not a normal love for children. It’s a sexual attraction to children.

A convention that seeks to put doctors, psychologists and other experts together to better understand remedies for pedophilia is certainly welcome by me. If programs could be put together that welcome people to talk openly about their issues and to explore cures for pedophilia, before they ever hurt a child, I would be behind those programs one hundred percent.

But, I define a pedophile as someone who has acted on his or her impulse. You can’t be a thief until you steal something. You can’t be a murderer until you kill someone. And in my book, you can’t be a pedophile until you scar a child for life.

I have no tolerance for a person who knows the difference between what’s right and wrong and still chooses to molest a child. It’s not as if they couldn’t stop themselves. It’s not as if they have some disease that controls them and makes them hurt children. They are deviants who act on their impulses.

Any adult who lays their hands on a child deserves a lifetime sentence, not because they can’t be rehabilitated. I’m not a doctor or a psychologist with a definitive answer on that. But, they deserve to be locked up for life because of the nature of their offense.

I would hope that someone would seek help before they do any harm to any child. I would encourage them to find a therapist or a program where they can sort out their tendencies and find a way to stop themselves. I would say that is what a “Minor-Attracted Person” would be.

A minor-attracted person is someone who has realized that their tendencies are wrong and they need to find a remedy before they hurt a child, before they ever do any damage to a child. They have realized that they have a serious problem and need help. They are seeking help in appropriate places so that they can exist in society without hurting precious children. That’s a minor-attracted person and for their sake, I hope they find the help they need. But, what do we know about pedophiles?

They don’t look for help. They cry when they get caught. They act like the most decent people in the world just to get close to kids. They gain our trust by being deceptive. They smile and lie to our faces all the while twisting the knife further and further into our backs because all they wanted was a chance to get alone with our children.

B4U-ACT, a group of pro-pedophile activists and mental health professionals, has a website where there is information about pedophilia and hopefully minor-attracted persons can find services or programs that will help them to learn how to live in society without acting on their impulses. I hope they find the help they need. I want them to find effective programs that will keep them from destroying a child’s life.

But, I won’t change my mind about any person who has acted on their impulses to seek out sexual activity with a child. Plus, I won’t accept any psychobabble or political correctness initiatives that have an agenda to normalize pedophilia. It is not normal. It is the worst offense anyone can commit. And it can’t be tolerated, period, no matter what package or deceptively worded banner you try to wrap around it!

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