Pensacola Beach Florida Hotels & How to Choose One

Pensacola Beach, Florida, offers many unique tourist attractions with most visitors flocking to this area of the Gulf Coast for the purpose of enjoying white sands and beautiful ocean water. If you are considering travel to Pensacola Beach, Florida, and if you are concerned about your hotel choice, the use of the sand and beach are a top issue to consider.

In Pensacola, Florida, there are a variety of hotel and motel amenities. Among these, the hotels along the shoreline offer wonderful views of the bay and the Gulf Coast. But, if you are not adamant about watching the sun rise or set over the ocean, or if you plan to avoid ocean based activities, then staying in these more expensive shoreline motels and hotels may not be a first choice for you. In fact, many of these coastal hotels and motels offer a variety of activities that cater to a visitor that is more inclined to party and enjoy the nightlife.

For visitors to Pensacola, Florida, who desire a more relaxing vacation – and one that does not include direct access to the beach – then your choice of hotels and motels will be vastly different. Within the downtown location of Pensacola, before reaching the coastal island and beachfront, you’ll find many chain-based hotels along with motels that are family owned. While the amenities are somewhat limited, these types of hotels and motels, in Pensacola, offer a more budget-friendly stay and can even provide you with discounts on other local attractions including historical museums, bird watching events, and various local bands and festivals.

When traveling to Pensacola Beach, Florida, the most important part of your stay will be the accommodations in the hotel or motel. To determine what location you will choose, think carefully about the events you plan to pursue in Pensacola and keep in mind that beachfront property is pricier and also caters to active beach-goers and the nightlife scene. If this is not the purpose of your trip, then less costly accommodations will serve just as nicely for anyone within the Pensacola city limits.

For my vacation, over the Labor Day holiday, I plan to stay beachside, with a Gulf front property at the Jimmy Buffett “Margaritaville” Hotel. This is a slightly more expensive hotel but offers great accommodations for my family’s needs and, yes, we do plan to enjoy the beach during the day and spend evenings among the nightlife activity. For us, this seems to be the ideal choice. What accommodation will your family choose for a trip to Pensacola Beach, Florida?

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