Permanent Facial Hair Removal Systems

Women spend hundreds of dollars annually on facial hair procedures that claim to remove hair permanently. Some of these procedures work whereas others leave scarred faces and little hair removal. Not all hair removal systems actually work and some are scams that leave you wasting hard earn cash. There are three types of hair removal methods that work. These include laser, electrolysis and vaniqa cream. Factors that have that need to be considered when choosing a method of hair removal include coarseness of hair, pigmentation of skin and skin sensitivity. Individuals who have hormonal conditions may have to consult with a physician before beginning any form of therapy. Here is an analysis of these three methods of hair removal.


This is a topical cream that is applied to the face twice a day. It is white and odorless and contains the active ingredient eflornithine hydrochloride. This product can be used by anyone regardless of their complexion and hair type. Vaniqa reduces facial hair and suppresses hair growth. Product does not scar face and can be used with regular cosmetics. Cream is available by prescription only and costs about $65 a tube for a two month supply. Individuals see rapid reduction of hair after one year of use.


This procedure is perfect for individuals with dark or light brown pigmentation. Electrologists and doctors usually perform electrolysis. Scarring is usually minimal with this form of hair removal but sometimes blemishes and spots remain. During electrolysis, a needle is inserted into individual hair follicle and an electric impulse is felt on the skin. Electrolysis can be painful for some individuals since it is done without anesthetic. This process has to be done repeatedly to yield successful results. However, individuals who have coarse facial hair take longer to work. Treatment ranges around $70 for an hour. Some individuals take 6 months to a year to yield results.


Laser surgery is done by many individuals to remove hair but is not the perfect option for everyone. Individuals who have dark skin or light brown pigmentation should not have laser surgery. These people usually have permanent scarring which is difficult to alleviate. People with coarse black hair should have electrolysis done instead of laser cause this results in scarring too. Make sure the person performing the laser is licensed or they can damage your skin. Make sure that a doctor is present before allowing anyone to administer any form of laser therapy. Doctors will request that patients have their face shaved extremely well before showing up for laser therapy. The patient and doctor wear goggles to prevent blindness from the laser machine. Laser machine emits light that zaps the hair. Some patients require multiple treatments before experiencing results. Cost ranges around $180 per treatment. Find a doctor that has more than one laser machines available. Different machines work for different individuals.

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