Personal Choices in the 2012 Presidential Race and Why

COMMENTARY | The 2012 presidential race is intensely important to the country. Jobs and the economy are major issues. The disparity in income and an unfair tax system concern me greatly. Stir in health care, social issues, foreign policy, wars and we’ll have a real smorgasbord for the new president on Jan. 20, 2013. I have considered all the candidates and surprisingly conclude that Newt Gingrich has the qualifications to make a difference. I’ll give a little background and tell you why.

Central Texas is home. Gatesville is a small town with seven state prison units on one side and Fort Hood on the other. As a result the town is dependent on state and federal government money. I’m middle 60s, retired after 30 years in industrial technical service and before that worked as a licensed general and electrical contractor.

I’ve had some college, technical training, and consider myself intelligent and well informed. My income is in the $55,000 range. I mention all this because background and environment dictate how we think and choose in life. I’d like to say I am a conservative republican who carefully considers facts and information before making decisions, but I’m not sure this is true. I think a president is elected because of how we feel about what we are shown. So, I take a look at the candidates, see what I’m shown, and vote the way I feel.

I quickly eliminated Rick Perry because I’ve seen his work up close and don’t want to see any more. Bachmann scared me, Ron Paul’s backers scared everybody else, Cain crashed with baggage, and name recognition cut the rest except for Romney. I think Romney could only maintain the status quo, and President Obama is the status quo. Looks like old Newt’s the last man standing.

Yeah, I know about the extramarital affairs, the ethics charges and the $300,000 negotiated payment. I know that. But I’ve made mistakes in life and believe you can put them behind you — sometimes. I think Newt is ready for the challenge. I believe what matters now to him is how he finishes his life. He has experience, political knowledge, contacts, and a proven ability to get things done. He’ll need every bit of these qualities to work with a dysfunctional congress and a politically correct judicial system. I think it’s time for the common man to come out on top for a change rather than special interest groups and rich corporations. Newt Gingrich looks like our only chance.

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