Picking the Perfect Gift for the Newly Divorced Friend

Going through a divorce is difficult at any time. Receiving gifts sometimes complicates feelings further. Some gifts bring up memories of the ex or hobbies shared. If you have a newly divorced friend, it might prove difficult to find the perfect gift. A few tips assists gift givers in picking the perfect gift for a newly divorced friend.

Avoid Gifts Associated with the Ex

Sympathy is the key word when choosing gifts. Perhaps your friend enjoys romantic movies. In ordinary circumstances, a romantic movie would be great. If she enjoyed watching romantic movies with her ex, such a gift might bring up negative memories or create depression. Consider what the couple enjoyed doing together before picking a present. The perfect romantic comedy might be a better gift idea next year.

Gifts Associated with Personal Hobbies

Avoid a hobby that both shared together, unless you know for a fact that the divorcée enjoyed the hobby on their own before the marriage. While scrap booking is presently a very popular hobby, now may not be the time for a scrapbook or scrap booking items. Consider that your friend is probably depressed and hobby related gifts should be bought with the intention of lifting her moods, reminding her who she is without her ex and helping her remember better times. Some great hobby related gift ideas that are personal rather than couple related include music, books and games. Also consider cooking and recipe gifts.

Gifts Meant to Heal

This should be the divorcee’s time. For once, she should think of her self. A gift certificate for a bit of pampering might be in order. Purchase a certificate to her favorite spa or beauty shop. A manicure and pedicure will be appreciated. Journals and books with encouraging words and messages help to lift moods and allows a person to express their innermost feelings. Aromatherapy gifts also help to calm and relax a person. Lavender scents go a long way in creating a relaxing atmosphere. Consider a soothing CD. Purchase Cd’s with fireplace scenes that play relaxing music. Research if your local store has these Cd’s or look for them online.

Gift Cards

Although gift cards often seem like an easy way out for a gift, they might prove to be the perfect solution for a newly divorced friend. If you have exhausted all other possibilities, this may be the right gift. Some people prefer receiving gift cards so they can buy what they really want. Remember to avoid gift certificates to the couple’s favorite restaurant or a store where they might have fond memories. If she has mentioned a romantic moment at a certain store or spot, avoid that gift certificate until later when memories have faded and times are better. Whatever gift you chose, remember to consider your friend’s emotional state when choosing. The gift should be a joy rather than reminding her of their ex.

A little thought and creativity will go a long way towards giving a newly divorced person the perfect gift.

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