Pilot Headset Need-To-Knows

There are many different brands of pilot headsets that need to be compared. I will show case a few for you, so that it may help you decide which headset that may fit you best. This is simply meant to be informative to help provide you some insight into an important purchase for your aviation future.

The first headset brand I will talk about is Bose Aviation. Bose Aviation has been ranked the #1 headset by Professional Pilots for over 9 years in a row. The Bose A20 Aviation Headset is the newest innovation from Bose and is quickly becoming popular. This headset comes with G.A. plugs, panel mount plugs, or even Bluetooth for helicopters. This particular model has been upgraded to have even better noise reduction. Also for the first time in Bose models, they have a Bluetooth communications interface. There is priority switching between audio sources, you can decide what you want to hear. There is also auxiliary audio input. These are just a few of the many new features of the Bose A20 model.

Another great headset brand is David Clark. These come with both Active Noise Reduction or Passive Noise Reduction. The H10-13X ENC/ANR headset is one of the best models. This model features a very soft headrest, and its battery power should last up to about 25 hours. There is a pilot selectable automatic-shut off feature. When the ENC is turned on, the noise reduction is extremely noticeable.

The last brand of headset I will talk is Lightspeed Zulu. The Lightspeed Zulu 2 headset is one of the most popular models. This particular model includes improved Active Noise Reduction, improved comfort & clarity, and improved audio with FRC (front row center) audio technology. This model is comfortable, quiet, and durable.

These are just a few models; it is important to shop around for the best headset for you.

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