Pine Needles Everywhere? Tips to Pick Them Up

My feet are held hostage in my living room. Why? Because I have to wear shoes just to cross the room or else risk getting stuck by a pine needle. Yup- Christmas is long-gone, but the skeletal remains of pine needles still haunt us. Learn how you can slowly but surely get rid of those nasty pine needles, one step at a time.

Getting rid of pine needles requires more than just a quick attack of the vacuum cleaner- if that’s all it took then I wouldn’t be hopping all over the carpet pulling those damn pine needles out of my foot. Rather, a few steps are needed to rid your house of all those pine needles once and for all. Starting with some tape.

Take 2-inch boxing tape (or any tape you have) and create a taping circle with it by securing the tape one end to another to make a ring big enough around to slide your hand into. Make sure the sticky side is out so you can use it to pick up the pine needles left everywhere, and get on your hands and knees and start picking up pine needles.

If you have a pet hair roller, then I would suggest using this. This picks up more pine needles with less adhesive needed than tape does, but either one will work.

After you have picked up as many pine needles as you can, get out the vacuum hose and use the hose to pick up the rest. Simply vacuuming over your pine needles won’t get rid of them- they will just flatten down. Even our Kirby is no match for the pine needles on its own. Suction is what you need to get those little buggers up out of the carpet and out.

After you have hosed out all the pine needles, do the taping method again, just to be sure. Believe me, even after you think you have gotten them all, you will still have those little buggers sticking in your socks or bare feet for a week or so. After a day or two of strenuous pine needle inspection, you should be rid of those nasty pine needles, once and for all!

note: even if getting rid of th pine needles is no big deal to you, if you have small children or pets, then getting rid of those pine needles may be life-saving. Pine needles are toxic, and in those curious mouths they can be disastrous. So do your feet and your family a favor, and get rid of those pine needles once and for all!

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