Pippa Middleton’s Bottom- We Don’t Get It

Aware we may be accused of treason and ordered to the tower, we are going to say out loud what we’ve been whispering among ourselves since April – we don’t get all the fuss about Pippa Middleton’s posterior. There, we said it.

Magazines and websites have devoted pages to how we can get her famous bottom; this week it’s apparently all because she does a lot of Pilates and follows the Dukan Diet.

We wonder if she likes all this attention – not sure we’d appreciate being reduced to a talking bottom (that said we’ve never heard her speak but we don’t follow her goings on that closely).

You’ve all seen the picture that sparked her bottom receiving its own Facebook page and why women – the majority of whom we assume must be white – are buying bum lift knickers from Selfridges, bum pads and even considering getting their bottoms surgically enhanced.

And we get the ‘look at the white woman with the black woman features’ – we remember Kylie and the little hotpants, Angelina and the lips, J-Lo and Kim K with their peachy round bottoms. But come on, Pippa? Really? Why?

Pippa’s bottom – we just don’t get it!

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