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There are many concerns today regarding the very real possibility that a pandemic of some sort or other could endanger every American. The very thought of such a catastrophe happening when the government agencies that are currently in place to protect the public and guard against the likelihood of such an event isn’t very reassuring considering what the governmental response was in the wake of Katrina and the Gulf Oil spill.

The simple facts are, even our own elected officials readily admit the government still lacks the planning and implementing any kind of response for a health crisis should one actually arise. In a recent U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services report, state and local Pandemic Influenza preparedness assessments revealed that all medical services will break down in the event of a pandemic, bio terror attack, or other so call medical emergencies. Every single region in the country still has only limited cashes of emergency medical equipment and many still have difficulties in managing this equipment as well. Nine out of ten localities have no guidelines for patient care during a pandemic while all localities through-out the country don’t have the necessary documents in place for coping with a widespread health emergency. The Center for Disease Control now confirms that over 90,000 Americans contract dangerous infections each year just by visiting a hospital. Now, just imagine the dangers of having to go to a government run emergency center in the event of a bio-terror emergency or a authentic pandemic that’s if assuming they have enough antibiotics, anti-viral’s, or vaccines. In last spring’s swine flu outbreak in New York City, emergency rooms and other medical services were quickly and totally overwhelmed. Meanwhile, other public health experts concede hospital infections are becoming nearly impervious to the existing stock-pile of antibiotic drugs now available to the general public. The spread of MRSA and other infections are quickly becoming more virulent and deadly at alarming rates. All of which making a trip to any hospital a very risky affair.

Through-out history man has devised his own remedies relying on the natural elements that our planet already provides. One of the most natural of substances that is more efficient and safe alternative to antibiotics and anti-viral’s is silver. Little known today this natural element has been around since the dawn of man. It is capable of curing infections, stopping viruses and germs [even lethal Anthrax spores], healing wounds, purifying drinking water, and boosting ones immune system. Colloidal silver has been known through history as the one remedy that people can make and use as the one great cure all.

Sliver solutions have been used by NASA since the Apollo era. they have concluded that silver ions when they encounter bacteria and algae, they destroy them through an alteration in their enzyme processes. Yet, our illustrious legislatures work hand-in glove with the multi-national pharmaceutical interests have purposely sequestered and concealed all documentation of the benefits and life protecting history of Colloidal Silver. This even though our health care system is woefully unprepared to handle any kind of pandemic infections or bio-terror.

With the world today in a hotbed of tension where at any moment disaster could strike whether in the form of an outbreak of a viral strain of influenza or a bio-terror attack is as real as it gets. The instances of some of mans most dreaded diseases are finding their way right into the United States. The resurgence of highly infectious Third World diseases like whooping cough, malaria, measles, tuberculosis, and even leprosy are all steadily on the rise right here in America.

There have been increased warnings of an upcoming major germ or biological terror attack. Yet our government is still incapable of handling any sort of response that would guarantee the safety of Americans. Remember in 2001 with the limited Anthrax attract it left the medical community and our government officials literally at “wits end.” It boils down to this; When a full-scale attack occurs and it will at some point in time, most Americans will likely be on their own. That saying “every man for himself” well that’s the way it is going to be. The past responses by our government shows that you cannot count on “emergency planning” bureaucrat to protect you. To understand the scope of the reality that such a bio-terror attack will happen the Washington Post confirmed that there are over 20,000 labs around the world that are capable of creating deadly, fast spreading pathogens. To create an epidemic in any populated area all one needs is about $2,000 for basic ingredients that can be bought over the Internet. Such an attract could be launched with complete impunity, because the source would be virtually untraceable. Even more disturbing is the growing resistance to prescription-vials and antibiotics of flu strains and so-called Super Bugs.

Every home today really should have the low cost, safe to use, home prepared alternative to expensive Dr. prescribed antibiotics and anti-viral prescriptions. Colloidal Silver will boost anyone’s immune system and will wipe out virulent germs. Our drug and pharmaceutical manufactures as well as our own government have purposely withheld information that could save millions of lives. Colloidal Silver’s history of effective use to promote health, stop disease, and cure infections has been known through-out the world. Among the many uses, silver coins that when dropped in fresh milk prevent the milk from souring and kept unhealthy bacteria from growing. Scientists have put silver dimes in Petri dishes to sterilize them. Silver nitrate was required for years to stop blindness in babies caused by rampant venereal disease. Until the advent of penicillin and other patented antibiotics, finely ground silver suspended in water was considered the best treatment for burns, fungus, infections, and disease. When NASA needed a compact, high efficient water purification system they turned to silver ionization which kept the Astronauts healthy while supplying fresh water. When it comes to the safety and well being of family is having the resources readily available in case any emergency arises. The use and availability of Colloidal Silver is paramount to the safety and future of us all. The benefits have been known for years. Silver is the marvel of modern medicine but few really know about how useful it really is. It kills over 700 resistant strains where other antibiotics fail. Prescription antibiotics – penicillin, ampicillin, etc. – kill harmful and beneficial bacteria, especially in the stomach and bowels. That’s why so many people experience intense stomach pain when on these powerful drugs. And of course antibiotics’ dangerous interactions with other medicines and other harmful side effects are well known to most folks.

In 2006 the Wall Street journal reported that silver in the form of dissolved ions fights microorganisms by interfering with the processes such as how they breathe and reproduce. Tests show that silver ions kill microorganisms ranging from the harmful deadly strains of e. coli that cause food-born diseases to staphylococcus bacteria that is responsible for the most serious infections. Electrolytically-dissolved silver has been used as a water disinfecting agent for years now. The World Health Organization recognizes that silver in a colloidal state produced by electrolysis of silver electrodes in water and colloidal silver in water filters are the main source for water purification methods that provide safe drinking water in developing countries.

The main stream media has purposely applied a near total black out of the benefits of colloidal Silver. Just recently though Samsung has introduced commercial washing machines which use silver ions as the main ingredient to sanitize clothing. Other companies are now beginning to offer silver-infused toothpaste and soap. Even now Wal-Mart is offering hunting caps and socks with silver threads to kill order and germs. The bottom line is with recent scares like the H1N1, bird flu, etc. we’ve already seen the disruption and fear that even the threat of pandemic disease can trigger. Just now imagine what would happen in an actual full blown outbreak of a bird flu epidemic or germ warfare terrorist attack. We know that all of these diseases know no boarders. Hospitals would very quickly become “ground zero” for infection as thousands of people swamp emergency rooms. Only law enforcement and emergency personnel would have access to antibiotics and every drug store would be looted. The biggest concern is few if any antibiotics or ant-viral’s treat all the potential threats from Smallpox to finely-milled Anthrax to bubonic plague. Of course, members of Congress, their staff and top government employees already have access to critical vaccines and treatment leaving the average American to fend for themselves.

Why doesn’t the average American know of the advantages of Colloidal Silver? Well. the bureaucrats at the Food and Drug Administration have refused to let Americans know of the advantages of storing and making their own Colloidal Silver because the pharmaceutical industry wouldn’t keep making the huge profits and control over the population. Huge multinational pharmaceutical companies earn billions of dollars on patented prescription drugs. Some of this could be lost if consumers started easily manufacturing Colloidal Silver with a proper generator and only a little bit of know how. Money is the main motivator for many bureaucrats, who see the opportunity to jump from a middle-income government salary to a six-figure income with a drug maker or lobby. And, of course, power in the hands of government busybodies is always an impediment to freedom. Government agencies typically believe that they, and only they, should be able to control how Americans live our lives – what we eat and drink, where we work, and especially how we protect and promote good health.

To greatly enhance the survival of the American public in the eventuality that some form of epidemic will occur making and supply your own family with Colloidal Silver is crucial. Colloidal Silver created by passing a lo electrical current through silver rods or any object that is made from silver that is suspended in water. This process quickly suspends tiny silver ions in the solution which then may be consumed. This only takes a short time and will save lives in the event of any emergency situation. It also provides a safe alternative to really boost ones immune system. It is time that all should gain the knowledge and the use of Colloidal Silver,

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