Planning for the Holidays: An Ease on Stress and Your Wallet!

Well, the season is finally upon us. I’m sure that most of you thought, as I did, that you still had time before the holiday season and yet here the holidays have begun. I wanted to share with you, some of the things I do to help me deal with holiday stress.

First of all, I find that planning the holidays is a crucial point. Many people become frustrated with last minute details, whether it be Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, the simple fact of planning ahead has always helped me. Sure, during the Holidays, one can not always plan for everything, but one can always give thought to the occasion.

For instance, I started thinking about Halloween in September. I knew the holidays were right around the corner and all in a row. I thought to myself, “Man, Halloween is almost here and then Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here we go again.” Then my second thought was, “How am I going to afford this on slaughter of price to my wallet?” This is where planning comes in. Start buying the things you need now because we all know that this will pay off, as is especially true for Christmas gifts! Sure, planning may not be as easy as having a schedule, but at least it will start the thought process on how you can make the holidays a little bit less stressful. Every little thing helps.

Another important stress reducer is not to worry about your holiday decorations. Work with what you have for now and don’t worry about having to buy something new. Every person has their own idea about decorating, whether it be big or small. Find out how you can work with what you have and then continuously try to add to it. What works great for me is that every holiday I decorate with what I have and then I try to buy something new that is a little bit special, whether it be something expensive or not, and always getting a new decoration from others is great, no matter if it be tacky, tasteful, or extravagant, it is in the intention of the giver that makes it special.

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