Plum Organics Berry Fiddlesticks Snacks for Kids

Organic foods are the preferred choice for this grandmother, and when it comes to buying my granddaughter baby foods and snacks Plum Organics brand are at the top of my list.

Plum Organics Tots Berry Fiddlesticks were found at our local market for $2.33 each, on sale. They come in a pink and white 2.12 ounce box, and the 12 sticks are contained in a clear wrapper. I would prefer that each of these sticks be individually wrapped, and that is my only complaint about them.

Two sticks equals one serving, and each stick measures about 3 1/2 inches in length. They look like miniature breadsticks and are about 1/2 an inch in diameter. The box states that Plum Organics Tots Berry Fiddlesticks are “Organic Fruit & Grain Snack Sticks”. They are a gluten free product that is USDA certified organic.

Plum Organics Tots Berry Fiddlesticks are intended to be served to children twelve months and up. They are of the highest quality, containing no trans fats, artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup or artificial preservatives. The ingredients are many, and the organic dried strawberries, organic raspberry flavor and organic dried blackberries are not listed until half way down the list.

Our baby has eight teeth and she is able to bit off small chunks of these sticks, but they are still quite a bit firmer than the Plum Puffs snacks. If our baby couldn’t gum her foods as well as she does, I would not feel comfortable serving these. She eats them quite easily.

I like the fact that Plum Organics Tots Berry Fiddlesticks do not make a mess, there is no cracker like gummy residue on her fingers when she is finished eating these. Overall, I think they are a healthy snack, although they are a bit on the dry side. They have a mixed berry flavor and our baby loves them.

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