Poisonous Foods to Dogs

Own Fido? Chances are if you are a dog owner, you have purchased him/her some treats, or, maybe you have the desire to make homemade dog treats. But before you whip up that batter, there are some things that you should be informed on.

The following are common ingredients that are used in dog treats that should not be used:

Baby food: Baby food is fine, but in trace amounts. On the contrary, it may include onion or onion powder along with an ample amount of sugar and salt. This is terrible for a dog’s diet.

Cheese and milk: Although these two dairy products are not toxic to dogs, some dog’s systems are intolerant of dairy products. In the case of a dog having intolerance to dairy products, owners can use substitute milk for the recipe, as in almond milk, soy milk, or other milk that is lactose-free. Here is another alternative: beef broth, chicken broth, or water can take the place of milk. Good news: lactose-free cheeses, soy, or cheeses from almond can be used.

Chocolate: Dogs should avoid chocolate in every form because of its toxicity. If dogs ingest any chocolate, then vomiting and diarrhea may occur. Depending on its consumption level, it can also cause conditions, such as tremors, irregular heart rhythm, seizures, and in most extreme instances-death.

Onions: Ingesting onions alters the red blood cells; as a result, causing anemia. Skip all onion products for the pooch.

Liver: Dogs cannot resist the liver treats-the smell is irresistible to them. But as with anything, too much consumption of liver can result in vitamin A toxicity. A rule of thumb: do not overindulge their digestive tract with one type of ingredient.

Macadamia nuts and walnuts: Nuts are very dangerous to dogs. Macadamia nuts and walnuts have toxins that may cause muscle tremors, paralysis, and eventually become weak. Although other nut varieties are deemed to be safe, they are likely to have a substantial amount of salt and fat. Avoid the macadamia nuts and walnuts; as for the rest of the nuts-use in moderation.

Potato: Potatoes in doggie treats are just fine-beware of the green parts due to its toxicity. In potatoes, if the consumption of the green parts is substantial, it is considered dangerous. Other than the green part, dogs can dig in their potatoes!

Salt: By all means, salt should be avoid in a dog’s diet. Unlike humans, dogs do not have as many taste buds. Therefore, they do their “taste test” through their keen sense of smell. If dogs consume a lot of salt, then numerous health problem can arise, such as kidney problems and sodium toxicity.

Sweeteners/Sugar: Trust me, Fido is not going to miss the sugar cravings! If dogs were to eat sugar, it can cause tooth decay, weight gain, and hypoglycemia. As for sweeteners, avoid it as well.

Now that you know what common foods are toxic for dogs, you-the owner-can make healthier choices for them, even it you decide to beat the batter for those tasty, homemade doggie treats. Doggies-snack on and be in good health!



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