Politicians Use Media Manipulated Storms to Further Their Agenda to Control Americans

The main stream media along with their political pals on Capitol Hill are always looking for trouble, they love big catastrophes and emergencies, so they can build a bigger image for themselves. The media of course loves to live in a world of constant crisis with bigger than life headlines, as they are very profitable. Often times when there hasn’t been a big storm, catastrophe or an emergency happening, the media will greatly exaggerate or hype up a storm or event to cause frenzy, so viewers will tune into their networks.

The recent storm Irene which was exaggerated to be one of the worst storms of the century turned out to be a strong rainstorm, but the economic damage caused by the media did more harm to the economy than rainstorm Irene. The national media spews out doom and gloom like a highly efficient machine daily, and their partners in hysteria causing crimes are the politicians who aim to further burnish their images by capturing the national spotlight. The more hysteria politicians and the media cause, the greater the platform in which they can showcase their leadership skills to the public.

Politicians constantly seek high profile platforms so they can continue to win popular elections, and the fact is that catastrophes not only get high ratings, they are also a golden opportunity for politicians to use as political platforms. After a catastrophe politicians take charge in pointing out the mistakes of others in relief efforts. They like to be seen in the limelight as the people with power looking out after the helpless little people with the goal to impress enough of the voters to get re-elected.

Emergencies and catastrophes also give an excuse to politicians to threaten, intimidate and bully citizens by making themselves appear more important and intelligent than the lowly citizen class Americans. But what if the politicians and the media are incorrect or flat wrong about an approaching storm such as the rainstorm Irene? Should the media or the politicians who have been spewing forth hysteria be held accountable for a false alarm?

This is the case with the promoted “worst storm of the century” Irene, Irene turned out to be a strong rainstorm instead of an imminent catastrophic event as the media promoted it as. Because of the hype from politicians and the national media, entire cities, States and in fact the whole Eastern Seaboard was shut down. The American economy is already suffering and this hyped up storm Irene had needlessly scarred many Americans more than it should have. The government at all levels threatened and intimidated American citizens to leave their businesses and abandon their homes, why? Shouldn’t Americans have the freedom to stay in their homes or operate their businesses if they want to, or should a few people in government have the authority to force these personal decisions on Americans whether they like it or not?

Billions of dollars have been lost from the inconvenience caused by many great exaggerated storms that turned out to be not nearly as bad as they were promoted by the media, and by government agencies imposing their authority on its citizens. The media is responsible for loss of billions of dollars, the closure of America’s largest city, the exodus of tens of thousands of tourists and the shutdown of the transportation system. The sad fact is that it takes days for businesses to get back to normal.

Will anyone take the blame? In the private sector such a grand loss costing shareholders billions of dollars and the negative effect on millions of people would definitely be grounds for termination, but no one ever takes the blame in the media. Where are the politicians pointing the fingers now? Who caused this huge national mess? No one has stood up to take the blame and this is why American’s hate the media and politicians, because no one has the character to say they made a mistake. Instead, the media along with their pals the politicians are busy with their cover up stories. Spin doctors are writing into political speeches now how they saved lives, and people should be thankful of their heroic warnings of potential dangers.

The real winners from rainstorm Irene and every catastrophe are of course those who are the bearers of bad news, the media. They enjoyed high ratings throughout the storm that they helped to hype up, and in the clean-up that will go on after it. They made Irene the potential storm of the century and brainwashed Americans to tune in to their 24 -hours a day news coverage that ended in a strong rainstorm. It seems as if the real conspiracy here are that of the media and politicians, they are ruining the economy because of their desperate need for each other, as one honest Congressman named Ron Paul has pointed out many times before.

Politicians need the media for the platform that they provide to reach the public. The media needs the politicians and bureaucrats with their titles to announce gloom and doom which makes for massive ratings and headline news. Who will call out the media and the politicians who have again cost the taxpayers and the economy billions of dollars? There is no one on the political horizon except the ever consistent Congressman Ron Paul, and he is running for the President of the United States in the election of 2012.

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