Pop an Ollie at Techny Skatepark in Northbrook, IL!

If you visit Techny Skatepark, the first thing you’ll notice is the large amount of skaters. On any given day in the spring or summer, one can find many skateboarders, rollerbladers and bmxers of all ages enjoying this well built skatepark. It is a great community, and all the skaters get along well. There is an air of mutual respect that goes around this park, and it’s easy to interact with other skaters.

The park itself features many different tools to help any skater improve his or her game. Any street-skater would feel comfortable skating in this park as there are several rails for grinding. There are rails three inches to three feet off the ground, which can suit skaters of many different skill levels and styles. There are also several elevated spaces to ollie on or off of, pop a manual on, or even grind. There are ramps and bumps for you to pick up speed from, and to ollie off of.

Even If you’re a bowl-skater, that’s OK as this park is also for you. There are several different bowls; the main bowl (entrance being a large ramp which gains lots of speed) splits into three smaller bowls where you can carve, drop in, and do tricks on the coping. Even though these are all part of one bowl, it’s as big as three totally separate ones. In addition to these, there is a deep bowl with a steep incline, recommended for the elite. If you have the skill to ride this bowl, you can pull off some awesome tricks with giant air. If you want to take a break from shredding, there are water fountains and a little hut to relax in. There is also plenty of space for you to play ‘Follow the Leader’, or ‘S-K-A-T-E’.

There was obviously a great deal of consideration and a strive for perfection when building this park. That may be because of all the petitioning and urging it took for this beast of a skatepark to be built. Regardless, talking about this park does it little justice. The only way to really experience it is to visit it! It is one of the best skateparks in the North-shore ( Chicago-land area), and that’s the reason people come from all over to skate there. I am lucky enough to live in Northbrook, but even if you don’t, make time to drive, run or skate on over.

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