Popcorn Ball Turkey

Let’s face it; you only get to have turkey decorations when it’s Thanksgiving. At no other time do you see anyone who has a turkey kitchen theme, a turkey centerpiece, or other turkey home accents. So, enjoy it while you can. Not just by putting out a bunch of turkey decorator pieces, but by creating turkey snacks and desserts, too. Lots of people make popcorn balls at this time of year and, if you’re one of those people, it will be fun to serve them in a completely different way this Thanksgiving. Turn the popcorn balls into adorable turkeys and you’ll make all your child guests very happy.

You can make your own popcorn balls or just purchase them. It’s not hard to find popcorn balls during the Halloween to Thanksgiving period. It doesn’t matter if the popcorn balls are regular, or caramel, nor does it matter if they’re colored. You’ll just need one popcorn ball for each turkey.

The popcorn ball will be the body of the turkey. Tap it on a hard, flat surface to flatten one side so it won’t roll. Use two pretzels to make the turkey feet. The ideal pretzels are ones shaped something like hearts. Apply a little frosting to one area of each pretzel and set the popcorn ball on it.

Use a miniature Reese’s peanut butter cup to make the head. Apply a dab of frosting to the center of the top of the peanut butter cup. Stick that area to the popcorn ball to secure. Eyes can be made from two dots of black decorator gel. If you have none, poke two holes in the peanut butter cup with a toothpick, then push a mini chocolate chip – point side first – into each hole. A wattle can be made with red decorator’s gel, or even a piece cut from Fruit by the Foot.

When you use feathers from a craft store you can quickly give the turkey colored tail feathers. The best feathers are the long, stiff ones. Align them on the end of the popcorn ball, opposite the head. If you have no feathers you can make them quickly. Just cut simple feather shapes from construction paper or another type of colored paper. Make two identical feathers and lay a toothpick on one. Glue the other feather to it, trapping the toothpick between them, but make sure you leave half of the toothpick sticking out of the feather ends. Stick the paper feathers into the turkey to complete it.

The popcorn ball turkey is just one more turkey thing you can have for Thanksgiving. And, since you rarely see a popcorn ball turkey, you’ll surprise and please all your little guests.
Popcorn Ball Turkey

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