Porcelain Black Combines Marilyn Manson with Britney Spears

A new song currently blowing up the club scene is “Naughty Naughty” by the energetic and exciting Porcelain Black. The pop/dance singer used her love for Nine Inch Nails to create a combination that would make both Marilyn Manson and Britney Spears fans rock out in the same venue. I recently sat down with Porcelain Black to talk about her name, music and what it was like working with Lil Wayne.

Q – Thank you for talking to me.

A – Lovely talking to ya too!!!!

Q – Real quick, where did the name Porcelain Black come from?

A – I used to have this cute but kinda creepy porcelain doll dressed in black that used to sit on top of my TV in my room when I was a kid. She looked just like me. So my family nicknamed me porcelain black.

Q – Your music combines pop/dance grooves with darker, more industrial themes. Is that a fair assessment? How would you describe your music?

A – YES! I’m OBSESSED with Nine Inch Nails and TRENT REZNOR! I would die happy if I got to work with him on my record. He’s my biggest inspiration. I also love great pop songs so I wanted to mix both. (Marilyn) Mansion + Britney (Spears) love child. Ha ha. I’m a slave for the beautiful people.

Q – How do you differ from other pop/dance acts out there such as Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj?

A – I bring a rock and roll edge plus I can metal scream like a maniac!!! I call it horror pop!!! I don’t take myself too seriously either and I’m a brutally honest, straight forward chick from Detroit. What you see is what you get.

Q – Your debut album is set for 2012 but your new single, “Naughty Naughty,” is blowing up the clubs right now. Will the rest of the album follow the same style as the new single? What can fans expect from this debut album?

A – The new record is dope so far – still working on it. I have a dope ballad I wrote with Josh and Billy Steinberg called “How Do You Love Someone.” Billy’s a genius. He wrote Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.” I really respect him. Also, lots of fast heavy bass beat pumping industrial pop dance songs like “Naughty Naughty.” The best songs are DEFF yet to come. I live for “Mannequin Factory.”

Q – You’ve worked with Courtney Love and Lil Wayne, just to name a couple artists you’ve collaborated with. What were these experiences like? What did you take away from these collaborations?

A – I’ve never worked w CL. But she did ask me to sing backup on her record but I couldn’t do it because I was in London. :( Working with Lil Wayne was AMAZING. He’s one of my FAV rap stars and super cool, caring, loving, humble and down to earth. I really love him for that! He sets a great example. So many artists have their heads up their own ass and he was a breath of fresh air because he is so chill.

Q – One of your upcoming gigs is at The Dinah 2012. How did you get involved with this project?

A – They asked me. Super honored. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

Q – Thank you again for taking the time. Is there anything you wanted to add?

A – My single “Naughty Naughty” is available on iTunes! Also check me out in the new “Rock Of Ages” movie coming out this year starring Tom Cruise and Russell Brand. I’m so raw in this game I’m eatin sushi rightttttt nowwwww…

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