Possible Thoughts of Paper

“Possible thoughts of Paper”

“Noooo, not Navajo. What did she ever do? She never complain no matter how long he rolled her up, banged on her, then he just laid her down and walked away. Now, he has Howard!” , exclaimed Genesis to Bic.

“I don’t know but I fear you are next.”, replied Bic.

“What does that human want from me, that he hasn’t already found in my friends? “

“Not for sure, yet I can say when he lays your friends down, they have black markings on them from head to foot. He even makes me bleed out of my head. Which leaves red marks everywhere. “

—Winding cranking noise off in the distance—

“I don’t know what is worse? That noise or Watching my friend slide down, get rolled all out of shape to where this tube is between his head and feet. Knowing that soon that human will press some buttons and slam Howard with marks as well.”

“Oh no, Genesis, the human just yanked Howard out of that torture chamber and laid him down. Run!”

“That human won’t dare get me!”

“Here the human comes!”

“Oh no, the human has me. The human has place my feet in the trap. OUCH! This is pressing me in. HELP BIC! There is still time. The human only has me up to my waist. As long as I don’t watch as he presses those buttons I don’t feel a thing. BIC DON”T JUST LAY THERE! Don’t worry, I don’t feel much now. Everything going dark as I get pressed all the way through the sides of the tube.”

—The human takes his last page of his newest manuscript out of his typewriter and lays it gentle on top of the rest.

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