Powerbag Messenger Designed by Fūl

The Powerbag Messenger bag is designed by fūl and includes a lithium polymer battery to charge portable devices like smartphones, tablets and hand held games.

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25

Look & Feel: 22/25

Features 23/25

How much I enjoy 22/25

Total: 90/100

The Powerbag Messenger Bag is designed by fūl and carries a secret buried inside an inner pocket, a battery to charge handheld devices like an iPhone, iPod or MP3 player. The Powerbag Messenger can hold a 17″ laptop and a large sized tablet like the Viewsonic Viewpad along with other items in its spacious compartments.

The Powerbag Messenger has a 6000mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery that is charged through a side connection on the bag or from the connection on the side of the battery. The battery is inserted in an inner pocket of the main compartment on a plastic base that also has a USB connection and the cords for charging devices and for the charging outlet.

The side of the bag has a charging outlet that is for plugging in a power adapter for charging the battery without removing it from the messenger bag. You can use the adapter to charge the battery directly from the side connection on the battery when it is removed using just the power adapter if you want.

You can also purchase more or less powerful batteries from the Powerbag website with a 6000mAh, 9000mAh and 3000mAh batteries available but all are the better Lithium batteries. The Lithium Polymer batteries are the best types of batteries to use for rechargeable due to their ability to hold a charge longer than other rechargeable batteries.

You can use the Apple specific cable, the micro or mini USB or the USB port on the battery adapter inside the main compartment to charge your devices. The Apple cable is in its own pocket so you can store you iPhone there and the mini and micro USB cable has the two USB connections on each side of the same connector.

This cable also has its own pocket for storing a device like a handheld game along with pens, SD cards or other items in the small pockets on the other side of a divider. These two smaller pockets are on the side of the messenger bag under the flap but there is also a smaller pocket that is triangular shaped in the lower corner of this side.

The main compartment of the messenger bag is divided into two main pockets with a tablet pocket on the cushioned divider that is held in place with a Velcro secured flap. The flap also holds a laptop in the cushioned pocket as well as the tablet in the smaller pocket with enough room for other items on the other side of the divider like headphones and a power adapter.

The messenger bag has a pocket on each end of the bag and a smaller zippered pocket on the flap for small items like keys or a cell phone. The back of the messenger bag has two large padded areas for comfort and a zippered pocket especially for the straps of the messenger bag.

There is a larger adjustable strap with a shoulder pad for use as a shoulder strap and a smaller strap for a waist strap that attaches to points toward the back of the bag. The waist strap would not be used to carry the bag solely on your waist but as an extra secure way to carry the bag like when on a bicycle or motorcycle.

The Powerbag Messenger Bag can charge devices that use the USB mini or micro connection and the Apple connection but also has the LED lights to show when something is charging and the charge status of the battery. There is a rubber covered button with the Powerbag symbol that starts charging on the side of the bag conveniently located to allow charging even with the flap of the bag is closed.

The Powerbag Messenger Bag is made from a waterproof material, something like Denier or Cordura and is tough with a variety of single and double stitched seams. The bag is tough and well-padded as well as being easy to flip open if going through a security checkpoint.

The Powerbag Messenger Bag is designed by fūl and makes a fantastic charging device and seems to be tough enough to stand years of use. I highly recommend the Powerbag Messenger Bag for a tough and convenient bag for your laptop and all your gadgets as well as being able to keep them charged.

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