Prayer for an Angel

The ones you took for granted

who now you view from afar

with tears in your eyes

regretting what you destroyed

the gifts you pissed away

the talent you wasted.

And you look from afar

feeling undeserving

of the love that was once yours

of the ones you fooled

the ones you mistreated

thinking you never really needed them.

You had it all

and you pissed it away.

You had them all

and you pushed them away.

You wanted all

Now you’re wasting away.

A prayer for you, Angel.

That I cry thinking you’ve cried

that your hurt is my hurt

that I believe in second chances.

A prayer for you,

that you deserve to experience love, health, peace.

That you deserve to regain

what you once had

Grateful, this time,

Careful, this time.

Life believes in second chances,

you just need to ask.

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