Prentiss Rises from the Dead; Returns to the BAU on ‘Criminal Minds’

For those who follow the “Criminal Minds” religiously, knows Emily Prentiss was “killed off” to let her escape the terrorist who had shot her in a fight to the death for one of them. As the season finale closed, I saw J.J. meeting with a supposed mysterious women in the dark

In less than a month, let fans of Paget Brewster’s character, Emily Prentiss, in on her return to the show.

I even knew it was Prentiss. There’s no denying the walk she has when she enters and leaves a scene. Of course, her death had to look real even to her coworkers at the BAU. They were told she died on the operating table. They were in shock like anyone would be in their situation.

Now they will find she is alive while trying to contend with her death. Just how many times can the crew be shocked into the outer realms with the comings and goings of Prentiss and J.J.?

Once or twice a season so it seems. Whichever direction Prentiss’ character goes, it is assured there will be some odd twist in the story line that will have the viewers, like me, screaming at the television sets like a football mom at a high school football game.

J.J was mentioned because even after her being forced to take a position she really didn’t want, she played a significant role in Prentiss’ new identity last season. Just when viewers thought that would be the end of it, Rossi corners her in his office for “a talk.”

I believe Rossi knew something was amiss with how the finale ended and the look on both characters faces. With that in mind, like all the other fans of “Criminal Minds,” I will have to see how all this plays in the return of Prentiss.

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