Preserving the Sanctity of Marriage Between a Man and a Woman: Where the Issue Goes Awry

Miguel de Unamuno once said “It is sad not to love, but it is much sadder not to be able to love.” Many Americans and other citizens around the world can relate to Mr. Unamuno’s wise words. Gay marriage has been a subject of taboo in years past but now coming more into the forefront of the populations mind. Those who support relays a common fact: those who love the members of the same sex should be able too come into a concretion of love and have a marriage that is legal and binding. It’s not a matter of a hidden agenda nor a movement against Christianity, it’s the pure and simple fact, they want to be able to love who they want and be able to have the same privileges and their heterosexual equals have in their relationships. Sadly, those who oppose see it as a desecration of the sanctity of marriage and an abomination.

Yet, this opposition is blind to the heterosexual desecration that is going on. Kim Kardashian recently divorced after 72 days, and made huge amounts of money over her marriage (which was televised over a period of days and cost more than six figures), a television show on the popular channel TLC, Sister Wives, shows the lives of a man and his multiple wives, how is that preserving marriage?

It’s not just in Hollywood. It’s in our everyday world, someone’s husband is cheating, marriages are ending because “they don’t feel a spark or love any more”, marriages are used as a sort of popularity tool, the bigger, more extravagant, and the more money spent, means you are at the top of the human food chain. Women marry wealthier men, much more older, in hopes of gaining a hefty inheritances when he dies (oh, and let’s not forget she prays that he dies very soon) and let’s not forget the God-fearing Christians who declare because their God says homosexuality is wrong, it must not be legal, they must converted to heterosexuality.

Why are we quick to blame the Gay community in ruining marriage? Before we point fingers, we need to take a step back and assess ourselves. Are you pushing your religious beliefs (Christians) onto the non-believers? Can you see how Hollywood is making a mockery out of the man and woman marriage belief with short term marriages and high amounts of money? Why is it one man can have multiple wives yet one woman can not have a wife or a man have a husband. It’s our fear from what society deems normal. Break away from the normal social ideals and realize there is a whole other world out there wanting, yearning, fighting for the same rights you are exploiting for your own entertainment and religious power.

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