President Obama’s Bus Tour

During the night I got up and went to my computer and found an article in regard to the cost of the new bus that was ordered by the secret service for the president at a cost of over 1 million dollars that the taxpayers, who can hardly make ends meet, have the pleasure of paying for. What is this president thinking? I do not think the taxpayers should have to pay for his vacations, campaign. family vacations and any other personal pleasures. An hour later my husband got up and I tried to get it on the computer again and it was gone. Thank god I had printed it out. It gives me the feeling that the government is controlling the media. Very disturbing. I can honestly say that I am not against President Obama nor am I for him. Take care of the people you represent and forget the luxuries for you and your family. When you have people struggling please do not flash your good fortune.

My big surprise came when in another article it stated that two buses were purchased at a cost 1.1million each from Canada. What is wrong with this picture? We need jobs in this country. Canada is a very good neighbor but we need the jobs first. Why are we buying from other countries before our own. It is my belief that the government should be setting an example for the people that they represent. Buy American. Look for that label MADE IN USA.

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