Pressed Leaf Projects

If you’ve decided to press autumn leaves, you may wonder what to do with them once they are pressed. There are many ways to use pressed leaves once they are ready to go. Following are some ideas for pressed leaf projects that you can make at home in your spare time.

If you haven’t pressed your leaves yet, check out this writer’s article on How to Press Leaves . Once your have pressed your autumn leaves you can turn everyday items into objects of fall splendor.

Framed Pressed Leaf Project. You can put your pressed leaves into picture frames to display on a mantel or on a wall to catch the beauty of fall anywhere in your home. Simply place your leaves individually or in groups in picture frames. Use neutral matting and background for a more dramatic effect. Or simply attach the leaves to the glass alone with no background so the leaves stand out even more.

Pressed Leaf Mobile. Use a hole punch to make a hole in each leaf, then hang with string or yarn from a hanger for an easy autumn leaf mobile. Instead of a hanger, you can secure two sticks into an “x” then hang your pressed leaves from the sticks for a more 3 dimensional mobile.

Pressed Leaf Notebooks. There are so many ways to decorate a notebook cover with fall leaves. You can use just one leaf or a few to decorate a notebook cover. In the alternative, you can overlap many leaves to cover the entire front of the notebook in fall leaves. You may want to finish by covering the leaves with clear contact paper.

Trays and Other Kitchen Items to Cover with Pressed Leaves. You may use pressed leaves to decorate serving trays, vases, mugs, outsides of serving bowls…the options are only as limited as your imagination. As with the notebook, you may wish to cover your finished project with clear contact paper. Be sure to use non-toxic glues when working with any project that may come in contact with food.

As you can see, pressed autumn leaves can be used in a variety of projects to make your home glow with the beauty of the season.

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