Preventing the Flu with Body Detox

A health counselor, in England, tells the story of seven people, including two of her clients, who traveled to several countries together, during a flu epidemic. Two of the vacationers got very sick and needed hospitalization. Two others contracted the flu, and had to stay in their hotel rooms to recuperate. The two travelers who had just completed a body detox remained healthy.

Why does a body detox protect against the flu? And why do we need one in this age of immunizations and antibiotics. To answer the second question first, we can’t always rely on an immunization to protect against the flu. As the swine flu epidemic of 2009 taught us, flu mutations can some time catch vaccine manufacturers off guard, The 2009 mutation, was in fact, a mutative arrangement between the swine flu, avian flu, bird flu and human flu. But it wasn’t unexpected. Medical students and interns are constantly taught that a major flu pan-epidemic, resulting from a major mutation in the virus, could come unexpectedly at any time. In such circumstances, a vaccine would be useless, and by the time a new vaccine would be developed thousands if not millions would be dead.

The key to staying healthy under these circumstances is prevention, not only preventing contact with germs, but preparing the body and the natural immune system to fight against invader viruses. One sometimes overlooked but necessary aspect of this struggle is to is the removal of harmful toxins and chemicals from the body.

While the body’s organs are by nature capable of ridding the body of various environmental toxins, including chemicals in cigarette smoke, factory emissions, additives in foods, microbes and viruses, the load of these noxious neighbors that is cast on modern man is far more than what was anticipated when the human form first appeared on our planet. When faced with such stresses, the body is forced to divert energy reserves form other bodily processes, including immunity, and redirect them to the fight to remove toxins from the body. Subsequently, a body full of toxins is ill prepared to fight off colds and infections, and allergens.

The solution is to detox the body. Body detox focuses on cleansing three organ systems, the gut, the kidney and the liver. The gut is the front line in processing foods and can be overwhelmed with additives, harmful chemicals and microbes ingested with the food we eat. The kidneys are responsible for cleaning the circulation and removing toxins in the blood. And the liver is the center that breaks and excretes toxins through its many metabolic processes. In a body full of toxins, so many harmful substances pass through the kidneys, each day, that many cannot be excreted, and they end up taking residence in the cells and interior of the organ.

There are many forms of detoxification, some involving stringent diets and stays in special retreats, and some involving a system of food supplements designed to stimulate the kidneys and the digestions. Once a person has completed some form of detox he feels less tired, more energetic and alert, light headed and healthy. In the process, he has freed up energy that was being used to fight the toxins, and some of this energy can now be used to make his immune system stronger and better prepared to resist infection. And that explains why the two vacationers who had just finished a body detox were able to resist the flu epidemic that fell their colleagues.

Resources: http://www.mvholisticretreat. com/articles/h1n1-flu-how- detoxing-can-prevent-the- swine-flu

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