Printable Owl Pumpkin Stencils for Halloween

If you are contemplating what to carve into your Halloween pumpkin this year, you might consider going with something traditional like an owl. It is a traditional symbol, but still a little more unique than Halloween symbols such as black cats, witches, or ghosts. And besides that, owls just look cool lit up on your pumpkin at night.

One of the best places online to find a printable pumpkin stencil of an owl is on the Zombie Pumpkins website. Zombie’s Night Owl pumpkin pattern can be found in their “unique creations” section of their website.

This Halloween pumpkin pattern appears to be of a serious looking owl sitting on a creepy tree branch. The background could be seen a full moon or a simple circle backdrop to highlight the bird and tree. Its description reads “Whooooo’s there? He may not be wise, and he may not be cute. But this creepy Night Owl does not give a hoot.”

Zombie’s Night Owl stencil is categorized as being for advanced pumpkin carvers.

In order to download and print out this stencil, you will have to become a member of the Zombie Pumpkins website. Memberships start at two dollars.

If you would rather use a free printable owl stencil to carve your creation with, you can find plenty of free ones online as well. In fact, the Martha Stewart website has a comparable Night Owl carving pattern that you can size and print out for free after downloading this PDF file.

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