Pro-Life Should Be Pro-Everyone’s Life

Well you’ve seen them, the protesters with the pro-life signs or the people who vote pro-life. However, are they really pro-life? You begin to wonder why they have this big hoopla over unborn babies while they ignore some other issues of other people’s lives. I mean they care so much about the babies and forget about things like poverty, starvation, suicidal people, people who grow up to just die in violence, and people who are dead on the inside.

I know I could rile some up by writing this, but it’s necessary to point out the fact that there are other things going on besides abortion. Don’t get me wrong, I am mostly toward pro-life myself– with exception of if it is a life and death decision and I don’t debate rape victims–just encourage them to get to hospital right away to prevent the pregnancy instead. The point is here that so many dwell on this topic alone they don’t care about other people’s lives.

Let me point out first that the only thing in the Bible that supports them strongly is the commandment regarding murdering or killing others–this is to be interpreted as pre-meditated stuff and not accidental. As for defense, well the Bible isn’t really clear on that other than the fact that nations had armies and people defended themselves or others–but this is for another debate. Any other passage they use is usually skewed toward the opinion of the reader. Indeed though this tells us that we should not allow for vanity abortions as that could be deemed murder–like someone just simply doesn’t feel like having a baby–however it tells us we must also consider there might be special situations that require us to make a decision–after all why let everyone die if you can save at least one life?

Putting that aside, the Bible also calls for attention to certain other issues besides that. There is the issue of poverty which even Jesus addresses in passages–such as Matthew 25–where he explicitly makes a point of “you saw me hungry and you did not feed me and you saw me naked and did not clothe me” and various other themes that would send people the opposite direction of heaven in the final judgment. Actually, ignoring those in poverty falls under loving each other and not killing. Well you are not loving your neighbor by ignoring them and denying them things and you are killing their potential by not helping them. Forget the don’t work, don’t eat saying, that was for the church community and those in the church not helping at all with church related work.

People in poverty just simply don’t have much of a chance in life. However, people want to deny them assistance because it might mean parting with some money or they consider their own problems more important? Don’t you understand that people in poverty are having their futures killed by those who want to keep all their money for themselves? You might want to think they have great advantages by being in America but think of inflation and how it is harder and harder to afford food, plus it is getting harder and harder to get a job because so many employers want people already trained and don’t want to help pay for it. Also, these people can be killed right in their own poor neighborhood by criminals or gang members.

Starvation, this is mostly prevalent in third world countries but can happen anywhere. If someone is poor enough and can’t even get more than 1 meal a day, then that is pretty close to being starved–at least of the nutrients they need. A lot of people don’t want to give to charity as they question their intentions now or just simply think their money should be spent on themselves. This is like killing a person because their needs were ignored–especially if they die of malnutrition.

People who are suicidal are not always to blame for their state–indeed some may do this for something ridiculous, but a great many have had things happen to them that are devastating. Trying to say this is selfishness completely is pretty much passing the buck. Again, people don’t want to help them feel better as they have their own problems or don’t feel responsible. In essence, if that person kills his/herself they are partially responsible for it–for ignoring the person’s feelings. Anyone who contributes to the suicide like a person making fun of them, a person at work who is mean to them, or just allows bad circumstances to happen is partially responsible for the person’s death. A lot of stuff does not have to be part of life if someone would help or care about the person.

People who are depressed aren’t always suicidal, and many are like a walking corpse–hence the wording “dead on the inside”. There are many reasons an individual can be depressed, such as: being made fun of or harassed unduly, their life always seems to go nowhere, they don’t feel loved or close to people that should care about them, and/or people just generally don’t act like they matter. This is serious stuff, and not just something to ignore. These people may just live because they know they will die someday or they don’t really know what to do with themselves. A select few may just live because they think others want them to die and exist to make sure these others don’t get their way. Indeed, like I said, not all are suicidal, but what good is it to live if you wake up feeling dead everyday emotionally or spiritually?

All I am asking for those who claim to be pro-life to understand that pro-life involves more than the saving of babies. Voting for a pro-life candidate may not be pro-everyone’s life, as some of these ignore poverty. Protesters should think about adding more to their agenda by helping improve others’ lives not just telling them abortion is wrong. We need to care about others and be pro-everyone’s life–not just be in people’s face about what we think is wrong.

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