Product Review: Friskies Natural Sensations Crunchy Cat Treats in Salmon Flavor

My kitties are my favorite little friends so it is important that I spoil and love them lots and on occasions treat them to their favorite healthy crunchy treats. Some of their favorite crunchy treats to have are the Friskies Natural Sensations Crunchy Treats in salmon flavor. The treats actually contain vitamins, minerals and vegetables my kitties can benefit from on a daily basis.

The Friskies Natural Sensations Crunchy Treats in salmon flavor come in a zip-sealed bag that closes nicely once the treats have been open so they can stay fresh and crunchy. There is about 2 ounces of kitty treats per bag and each treat is shaped in a circle, star or fish. The treats are small so I tend to give my kitties about 10 per pieces twice daily. The natural nourishing ingredients in the treats that help keep my kitties happy and healthy are vitamins, minerals, rice, chicken, salmon, antioxidants, carrots, sunflowers, seaweed, peas, salt and yeast. All the ingredients are natural and do not contains any artificial ingredients which make me happy because there is nothing I hate more than feeding my little friends harmful treats that are bad for there health. At least I know when I give them some of these crunchy treats it will keep their teeth strong, coats shiny and their little bodies healthy and strong.

Now I get my kitty treats at my local pet store, but you can find these treats at local grocery stores, pharmaceutical stores and department stores in the pet sections. The treats are affordable and worth giving to kitties to help keep them happy and healthy naturally. My kitties do tricks for their treats so I know they have to be good. I even have a specific time of day I give my kitties treats and when I accidentally forget about treat time they are right at me until I get up and give them some to munch on. On some occasions, I do hide treats throughout the house in their toys and in special spots they relax to help keep them busy and draw out their hunting abilities since I always need them on their toes to catch those darn mice that roam throughout our house on occasions.

I would definitely recommend the Friskies Natural Sensations Crunchy Treats to any of my friends to give to their furry friends to help spoil and love them naturally. However, I know some kitties are fussy about what they like for snack, but if you do try this treats with your little friends I do hope they like them as much as my kitties do.

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