Product Review – Stila’s One Step Correct and Stila’s Perfect and Correct Foundation

I’ve been using the same makeup since I was in the ninth grade, and while I love most of it, the foundation used on my young skin was no longer working. My face is oilier now than it was in high school, so by noon my face was shiny, my foundation cakey, and the whole look ruined. When I was introduced to Stila’s corrector and foundation, I was very open to trying something new. The corrector is Stila’s One Step Correct ($36 at, which combines green, lavender, and peach tones, separated inside the tube that dispense all at once (if you only need one of the tones, you still have to dispense all of them). Stila’s tones blend in nicely with your own skin, so you aren’t left with telltale signs of the corrector on your face. Stila’s website states that the green tone neutralizes red spots, the lavender counteracts sallow undertones to brighten your face, and the peach diminishes the appearance of sunspots. In addition, Stila’s One Step Correct has anti-aging ingredients, so your makeup is actually helping your skin look younger. When I dispensed Stila’s corrector and began to apply it to my face, the almost lotion-like consistency worried me a little bit. I wondered if it would actually cover up the discolorations, and if it did, would the extra lotion make my face even oilier. I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did the corrector cover up any discolorations very nicely, but my face did not get overly oily by the end of the day. I used it on red spots on my chin and nose, dark circles under my eyes, and old scars on my forehead, all of which covered up nicely. (I should note that, to me, covering up means softening them so they blend in better. I’m not a fan of heavy, cakey makeup and would rather allow my flaws to be slightly visible than layer on tons of makeup to create an illusion of “perfect” skin.)

After using the Stila One Step Correct, I applied the Stila Perfect and Correct foundation ($44 at The foundation is only available in fair, light, and tone, but the shades seem to blend in nicely even without being a perfect match. Like the One Step Correct, Stila’s Perfect and Correct contains anti-aging ingredients to help fight wrinkles and other signs of aging. The foundation is swirled in a tube (like the One Step Correct) with a lightweight moisturizer, making the foundation lighter and smoother. Even with my normal moisturizer underneath, Stila’s foundation did not get too oily by the end of the day. Stila touts their Perfect and Correct foundation as being “lightweight and buildable”, which means it will work for someone wanting very light coverage as well as someone seeking something more heavy duty. Even using it for light coverage, I noticed that Stila’s foundation nicely covered up my flaws and evened out my skin, but it’s so light and natural feeling that I often forget I’m wearing any makeup. Even my husband, when asked if he could tell a difference, said that he thought Stila’s foundation looked much more natural than my old makeup.

After a week of using Stila’s One Step Correct and Perfect and Correct foundation, I’ve noticed a big difference in my face both when I’m wearing makeup and when I’m not. I’ve had fewer breakouts with Stila than with my previous foundation, making my skin look better even without makeup. With makeup, I’ve noticed that my face is less oily during the day, so my makeup stays natural looking. In addition, the One Step Correct helps to cover up my flaws and make my skin tone appear much more even. I’m hoping that the anti-aging ingredients are working as well as the rest of the foundation is to help me out as I get older too!

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