Promising Future Golden Globe Nominees for Best Director

A most respected and insightful man nominated as Best Director – Motion Picture for the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards is Martin Scorsese. His dramatized portrayal of a mini Elijah Wood lookalike character named Hugo (Asa Butterfield) has captured the hearts of millions of people far and wide. The drama and charm brought to the screen by Scorsese is paving the way for more promising directors like him down the road.

Shane Black

Up until now, director Shane Black has mainly focused on his career as a scriptwriter for various motion pictures. As for producing screenplays and getting involved in actual film production, he has only scratched at the surface with “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang,” the first and only movie he has directed thus far. Many of his viewers enjoyed what he had to offer and, apparently, he did as well.

Recently, Black has decided to shift his main focus to his movie making career. He is currently working on the much-anticipated production of the third “Iron Man,” which is said to have a theatrical release date of May 3, 2013. In addition, Black has picked up on a new, risky assignment that could give him the ultimate breakthrough he needs. He’s about to push forward with a U.S. adaptation of a raving, popular Japanese manga story called “Death Note.” Since the original story is already flawless, all it will need is good directing.

If Black proves he can successfully tackle this monstrous project that fans of the manga are already protesting, I have no doubt that we’ll be seeing his name listed as a top nominee for the Golden Globe Awards in a few years from now.

Ben Wheatley

Another rising director in the filmmaking industry is Ben Wheatley. This man has been credited for directing just three movies in his career. Fortunately, I can see Wheatley’s fame escalating once his latest production, “Kill List,” reaches theaters February 3, 2012.

The movie is based on a hopeless and pitiful man named Jay who has lost his job and goes wandering the streets without a dollar to his name. Before long, his business partner Gal goes to meet with him for dinner. During their meal, Gal promises to give Jay a large sum of money if he agrees to commit several assassinations.

Since “Kill List” is one of the most anticipated films of 2012, doing well on this production could be a huge boon for Wheatley’s directing career. This long-awaited thriller will appeal mainly to the teenagers and young adults who make up most of today’s moviegoers. With a little more exposure, Wheatley will soon be able to work his way up to the top where he deserves to be.

Robert Stromberg

From what we know, Robert Stromberg has never before directed a movie. When I learned about his huge involvement in motion pictures and that he has not only designed and edited but supplied visual effects for a long list of movies, this came to me as a big shocker.

Just a few days ago, Stromberg agreed to direct “Maleficent,” his first real, authentic movie production ever. Based off of the evil character in “Sleeping Beauty,” I have no doubt that Disney will draw in a big audience and get everyone’s attention. I am confident this will be an underlying key factor for Stromberg’s future career success in the film industry.

While it may be true that the Golden Globe Awards have uncovered the greatest directors of late, let’s try to appreciate the undiscovered talent who won’t be recognized substantially until at a much later time. Then, when we see the Golden Globe Awards of 2013 or 2014, we’ll be glad to know we were the ones who knew them first.

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