This rapid decline, in the chimpanzee population, across Africa, is owed to human activities, like deforestation, hunting and the continuous use, of wire traps-meant for antelopes. The innocent creatures, are thus threatened, for extinction, since many ruthless, natives, want them for meat and trade. This is our time to therefore act and not just look on, as such things happen.

We must act, with the strength of a lioness to ensure the many, international laws, protecting, the endangered species are enforced. Help is therefore needed by the various wild life authorities and forest departments, to ensure, safety of the animals. We should start by reporting, any illegal acts, to them.

Communities, need sensitization, about the significance, of having chimpanzees, protected.Many, locals, simply view them as the alternatives for cheaper food and money, which is dangerous. People must know the mystery behind chimpanzees, that makes them special and why millions, do travel miles just to come, see them.

Trees in forests, can also trigger, rainfall, hence improving agriculture-apart from, providing, a dwelling, to chimpanzees. It’s therefore, one’s task, to see to it, that a forest on their land, is protected.

Analysts, have already noted, ten more African countries, are set for the loss of all their chimpanzees, within the next, two decades. History already has it in writing, that the twenty five, African countries, that used to house, chimpanzees, are now reduced to twenty one. We must therefore, protect the few that have remained.

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