Protecting Against the Flu

Flu season is fast approaching and in some areas already here. As you continue to go workout at the gym, below are a few ways to help you keep your chances of getting the flu this season to a minimum while you continue to workout and keep a healthy lifestyle:

First and foremost, if you are sick already stay ay home. You don’t want to get sick because other people go to the gym and workout and are horribly sick, so don’t do that to other people. Give yourself a chance to rest and get better before returning to the gym to workout.

Wash your hands often with soap and water because this dramatically reduces the chances of you contracting viruses or bacteria. Wash your hands before and after you workout and after using any fitness equipment. Also try to avoid touching your face until you have had a chance to clean your hands.

Bring your own towels and mat so you can place your towel on any equipment you are going to lie or sit down on and use your own mat if doing yoga or exercising that takes place on the floor.

Change out of your sweaty workout clothes as soon as possible. Your sweat laced clothes are a breeding ground for bacteria, if you just don’t have time to shower after your done working out at least wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

If you are utilizing any fitness equipment be sure that you wipe them down before and after you use them. Most gyms provide spray bottles containing cleaning solutions for wiping down the fitness equipment but don’t assume that the person who used the equipment before you cleaned it, so clean it before and after you use it. Be sure that you clean the handles, key pads, tension adjusters basically any place that you have touched the equipment.

Keep your gym bag clean by removing your sweaty workout clothes, your running shoes or any towels you used at the gym as soon as you get home because as was mentioned previously you’re sweaty clothes are a breeding ground for germs.

Also remember that if you have to workout while you are sick that you can get in some exercises (modified or reduced) while staying at home.

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