Proud of Being a Stay at Home Mom

I grew up in a household where my mother stayed home with me throughout my childhood years as well as when I was in school. I learned to appreciate this fact because I learned firsthand the benefits of having a mother who was present in the home all day everyday. It wasn’t until I was older and became a mother myself that I truly understood the challenge it is to be a stay at home mom. For the first few years I struggled with being home, embracing my role and learning to adjust to a whole new set of challenges that occur outside of working in an office full time. I also learned the absolute importance of learning to be proud of being a stay at home mom.

Being a mother to a young child is one of the many seasons of our lives. Before we had children we gathered an education, worked, found a partner and established that relationship and created a home. Life changes when you become a parent because you are responsible for a new life for the rest of your existence. Of course, as your child becomes older they become more independent, but you will always be needed and you will always be a mother no matter what happens. A child needs basic care, nurturing and education when they are young and who better to provide this than a mother? Of course there are fantastic caregivers out there who do wonderful jobs for many families. Many mothers would rather prefer to provide this care themselves though and this is when the decision to be a stay at home mom takes place. The process begins and while many mothers are shunned for staying home instead of heading to the office each day, moms should embrace their role and be proud that they are giving up their own career and goals to raise their children.

Until you’ve stayed home you don’t realize what a challenge it can be. Aside from having to provide constant care to your little ones you are maintaining the household all while trying to retain a sense of self. At one point you could sit and watch a movie in the evenings or on the weekends, you could read a book or do a craft. Now, if your child needs you there is no time for yourself. Whether you have one child or four it’s a challenge to make time to keep yourself sane and maintain some of your interests. Most days this goes unaddressed and before long it’s a struggle to embrace many other things beside being your children’s caregiver. While it’s important to do things for yourself, it’s also important to become proud of what you’re doing for your family and be proud of your role in this season of your life. A lot of what stay at home moms do goes unnoticed or unappreciated. While it’s nice to be thanked and understood, a mom should be confident in her role and know what she’s doing is ideal. Otherwise, it would be a constant bother when thank you’s are forgotten.

The biggest benefit of staying home is the moments you get to see each day. Instead of being at work each day a stay at home mom gets to witness every smile, laugh, tear and memory. This is a time in life that will always be treasured. While some days seem long and hard, most moms wouldn’t trade their job at home and have to miss so much. Being proud of being a stay at home mom means that you realize the gift you have been given not only by having children but by being able to stay home and enjoy them. Even when children attend school, much needs to get done and it can be done in the daytime hours so evenings and weekends can be spent for family time and maybe even time to yourself!

Informing someone of your role as a stay at home mom should never make you feel ashamed or less of a person than anyone else. Anyone who judges a stay at home mom negatively for not going to work outside of the home each day simply means they either don’t understand what goes into the job or is envious that they can’t do the same. You can get a job anytime but finding rewards in the way of your child’s hugs and kisses is priceless and can’t compare.

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