Put Tony Romo on the A-Team

It is a staple of old time television that one of the characters had to be hit over the head or drugged in order to make him do something he would never ordinarily do. Take B.A. Baracus on the A-Team for instance. They had to knock him out to get him to fly on an airplane.

Maybe Jason Garret needs to hypnotize Tony Romo to believe that no matter what the scoreboard says that the Dallas Cowboys are loosing by 14 points . Then he can just let Tony do what he does. Romo is much better at playing from behind than playing while he is ahead.

Jason Garret, since you apparently don’t know your job, let me tell it to you. If you are 24 points ahead, your plan is: 3 runs, punt. 3 runs punt. 3 runs punt. Rinse and repeat. They claim you are some sort of rocket scientist so how about acting like it! If your freaking defense has held the other team to 3 points, trust them to do so in the future you moron!!!! Since your defense seems to know what they are doing, let them continue do it!

If Tony Romo gets bored whenever he has a lead, distract him. If you have to, break some minor, little used bone on him, or put fire ants or killer bees in his sports drink. Not enough to kill him but enough to distract him. Just keep him from getting bored.

Romo-Sexuals beware, there is trouble is paradise. Your man crush is in jeopardy.

You trying to have bromance with a playah. Dude: you gonna get played soonah or latuh. You gonna get played.

The Giants backed into a super bowl victory with that doofus Eli Manning so I suppose the Dallas Cowboys could fall through the cracks with a quarterback who sometimes seems like a cross between Dudley DoRight and Lil Abner.

But Tony ain’t getting any younger and the beating he is taking behind a young and inexperienced offense line is probably burning out his half life prematurely. Maybe someone could accidently lock Jerry in the closet during the next draft and get decent quarter back for the future.

Is the Bloom off the Romo-Sexual Bromance?

Tony Romo = No Superbowl for Dallas Cowboys

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