Safety Tips for Babies Up to a Year Old

Yes, that first year of your baby’s life is a special. You, as a parent, want it to be a happy one and a safe one. You don’t want any accidents to occur that can cause your baby to suffer any pain, injury or life time trauma.

Yes, accidents can occur from the moment we are born to the moment we die. Luckily, there are ways in which we can prevent many of these accidents. Here are some simple safety tips for parents to consider implementing if they have a baby up to a year of age.

Know The Basics Of Safe Sleep For Your Infant

Yes, there is a safe way for your baby to sleep. An easy way to remember this is to remember your ABC’s.

Baby should sleep Alone Baby should sleep on his Back Baby should sleep in a Crib

If you can remember those three simple rules, then you baby is more apt to sleep correctly and you won’t have to worry about yoru baby suffocating from being wedged against the mattress while lying on her face.,

Never Leave Baby Unattended, While On Top Of Furniture

Be careful of every move you make. If you have baby on top of the bed, changing table, etc and the phone rings, do not leave baby on that piece of furniture even for a second while you answer it. Baby may decide to roll and roll right off of it.

Use A Rear facing, Semi Declined Car Seat

Until baby is two years of age, you should use a rear facing, semi declined car seat. This will support your baby’s head, neck and back. This can also help keep baby from getting a spinal cord injury if there was a car accident.

Always Test Baby’s Bath Water

Remember baby’s skin is more sensitive than an adults or an older child’s. her skin can burn easily. This means you must always test the bath water before placing baby in it.

On a side note, you should also never carry hot foods or drinks while you have baby in your arms. You may spill some accidentally on her.

Yes, infants are sensitive. This is why we must take extra special steps in protecting them from accidents. Remember we are their sole providers. It is up to us and us only to keep them safe, happy and accident free.

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